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Religion and Philosophy / Re: Christian News Network fundies
« Last post by Ambulance Chaser on Today at 12:51:28 pm »
What frustrates me about him is that he blocks you the second you start to point out that he's got his head up his butt.

He likes Michael C though, for some reason.

** Check your private messages, I think I have given you a good avatar link that should work.

Thanks. I'll have to try it when I get home.
Religion and Philosophy / Re: Christian News Network fundies
« Last post by Jocasta McFucken on Today at 12:14:28 pm »
Jason Todd (obviously). He's truly a despicable human being. He's dumb as a post, and as angry and hate-filled as a rabid animal. That's a very bad combination.

What frustrates me about him is that he blocks you the second you start to point out that he's got his head up his butt.

I called Guest Verified out to prove I was you.  He made something up about the newser website and Colin Rafferty (who was banned weeks ago and seems to stick to Charisma News now).  He doesn't even try - lamest troll of them all.

** Check your private messages, I think I have given you a good avatar link that should work.
Religion and Philosophy / Re: Christian News Network fundies
« Last post by Ambulance Chaser on Today at 10:20:29 am »
The latest from Amos:  I am Ambulance Chaser, using a sock account.


That's News to me!

Also news to me, I'm a "lying, amoral pedo defender."

Jason Todd (obviously). He's truly a despicable human being. He's dumb as a post, and as angry and hate-filled as a rabid animal. That's a very bad combination.
Bug Reports / Re: FSTDT chat dead
« Last post by Hofstadter's Tortoise on Today at 12:35:14 am »
Yeah I got that too. I just swapped to mibbit
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Cloud3514 on June 26, 2017, 03:48:09 pm »
The problem is that ACA relies do heavily on active government support that it is amazingly easy to sabotage. Trump and the Republicans just have to keep insisting it's a failure and do nothing to fix it and eventually it will collapse on its own. Insurance companies are already pulling out at the drop of a hat because they aren't making all of the money immediately, so they pretty much just have to encourage them to pull out. It's a self fulfilling prophesy.

The problem is that both parties keep trying capitalist solutions and that's just not compatible with American capitalism where immediate gains are more important than all, including long term profit and stability, even when that long term profit is more than all of the short term gains ever. If they're not making all of the money right now, then they're failing and making none of the money. It's an amazingly broken system.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Askold on June 26, 2017, 02:23:30 pm »

Trump tweet that was also put on his FB page. Plenty of loud fans there still support him even as others basically say "DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT HE JUST TWEETED?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Also, funny that they have to "work hard" even when they have majority.

So I suppose if the Trumpcare fails boths sides are going to say that Democrats are responsible. Democrats because they are going to brag about preventing Trumpcare from passing and Republicans because they are going to cry fake tears as they are finding new ways to sabotage Obamacare.

And when millions of people are suddenly without insurance Trump fans are not going to blame him, no either they praise the GOP for saving money and kicking out the moochers or they are going to put the blame on Democrats and Obamacare because someone one TV or Twitter said it was their fault.

Back at the Stone, we whack the tree twice with a pick and get both a new heart for Bollux and some fresh blood for the ritual.  Notice that the tree's lost its leaves; that's how you know it worked.

Back to the golems, we put the heart inside Bollux's body and put the blood on the stones, once again.  I drop the bucket and pick since we won't need them, after this, and they're taking up valuable keg space.  We hit the scroll once again and...

Both the tree...

And Bollux lives again!  All's well that ends well, only one last thing to do.  Let's talk to Adjhar about his job...

: Adjhar appears to have resumed the stance of a more traditional golem guardian -- staunch and unmoving. However, it is impossible to miss the glimmer of intelligence in his eyes. "I was created to be one of many protectors to the Shrines of the Three Principles. However," he pauses, "my duty also included being the keeper of the Talisman of Love. Dost thou want the Talisman of Love?"
: "You betcha, big guy."
: "I was put here to protect the Shrines and prevent any from acquiring the Talisman. Any except the Avatar who demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Love. The Talisman is thine, Avatar." He brings his stone hand to his heart and opens a panel on the front of his chest. Reaching inside with his other hand, he brings forth a beautiful yellow talisman. He places the Talisman in your palm. "Thou hast earned this and the honors and powers associated with it. Thou art truly an Avatar."
: "Ya don't say?"
: "Mark the wisdom of the Shrine of Love well, Avatar."
: "When have I not?"

With that, we get ported back to the Isle of Fire, to get talked to by yet another statue.

Again, being lazy, but fuck it.  Love statue says something similar to Truth, in that Britannia's got another evil coming to it.  Somehow, I doubt its the Guardian.

Oh!  We also get maxed out Dexterity and Combat!  Score!  Well, that's it for love.  Short, sweet, and easy as hell.  Next time, we'll tackle Courage, in which we stick our hands in a dragon's mouth, break a mirror, and get the most ungodly powerful weapon in existence.  Well, one that doesn't require secret rooms to acquire, at any rate.

: "The suspense is killing me."
: "Britannia could only be so lucky."
13. What is love?

Apologies again for the massive delay.  School's been a right cunt and I've just now recovered.

So, that aside, what's left to do?  Well, we've done the test of Truth and attained ultimate wisdom or some shit.  My intelligence and magic abilities are more or less maxed out, so the only thing keeping me from the upper echelons of magic are my own inexperience, a problem that is easier solved than one might think.  Next up is the test of Love; I'm saving Courage for last because its actually difficult and requires some preparation.  I don't want to spoil things too much, but let's just say that Dave has a few tricks up his sleeve that will make Courage, if nothing else, a bit easier than it really has any right to be.

: "Time for another inane virtue test with no real threats or challenges."
: "Does this happen a lot to you, Mr. Dave?"
: "Since I 86'd Exodus, its happened more often than it hasn't.  How many more times do I have to prove myself to people before they understand that I'm the god damned Avatar?"
: "Two or three more should do it."
: "Whatever, let's do this."

The moongate at the left end of Castle Exodus takes us to the test of Love.  As you can see, its little more than green fields, a bucket (which we need; more on that, later), and some mountainy crap.  Since this test poses no challenges, other than one's endurance for menial, repetitive tasks, and you get another free stat increase out of the deal, we're going to do this and maybe prep for Courage.

As you might've guessed, the three tests each have an associated stat boost: Truth boosts Intelligence (and, by extension, Magic/Mana).  Love boosts Dexterity and, I think, Combat.  Courage boosts Strength and, thus, both carry weight and HP.  Getting the other two first is less about getting the tedium over with at our earliest possible convenience and more to do with preparing for the real test.  You see, Courage tests how good you are at, basically, solving some simple puzzles and killing things.  Lots of things.  Having a high magical ability gives us some good options for healing and disabling certain critters.  High dex and combat means we will almost never miss in combat, meaning it takes less time to deal with our opponents.  Dave might still not hit terribly hard, but since he hits more often, our net output still increases.

This is why I'm bothering with Love.  That, and its required to actually finish the expansion properly.

This basically sums up our entire test: there's one broken golem and one non-broken golem.  We want two non-broken golems.  Simplicity itself.

: The stone statue stands with a lowered head. Despite its granite features, a downcast look is apparent on its face. Surprisingly, it turns to speak with you.
: "Why, by the stars, I believe it is a creature!"
: "Help him?" it asks carefully, pointing to the fallen statue lying beside it.
: "I get a feeling I know what you are, but for the sake of the audience, how's about you tell us what you are?"
: "We are called stone golems...  because we are made out of stone and rock."
: "As opposed to a tequila golem, which is made out of tequila and fun?"
: "What's your name, big guy?"
: "My master named me Bollux."
: "Your master had a perverse sense of humour.  Anyway, what's this about some help?"
: "My companion... Adjhar... He is dying. Thou must help repair him. Please, I beg... thee.  I have a book here that Adjhar said told about... our... creation. This might help bring him back."
: "Well, that drastically simplifies things."
: He hands to you a very old tome. It is evident the book has seen much use, for the leather covering is wearing away to reveal the wood beneath and the pages are quite dog-earred. "I have already set up five... rocks to mark a spot for the... blood."
: "Someone actually doing some of the legwork for us?  That's a first."
: "That's what I was about to say.  What's this about some blood?  Because I got out of the living blood bank business a while ago."
: "I did not... understand the book, but I remember... blood..."
: "Eeh, more'n enough for me to go on.  I'll see about fixing your buddy up, sit tight."
: "Good... bye."

For some reason, Bollux gives the book to Dupre; probably because most everyone else is at their weight limit.  Might need to do something about that, later.  For now, the long and short of it is this:

We got a rock somewhere that bleeds.  Put a bucket nearby, whack it a few times with a pickaxe, collect the blood, go back to the rocks and Bollux, use the blood bucket on the rocks, and do your magical thing.  SO, that means we're going to need to grab a pickaxe and a bucket for our little sojourn into Love.

OH!  Almost forgot to mention, but when you first read the book, someone will remark on a page being smudged, and another one will fall out.

Keep that scroll.  Its necessary to finish this quest.  You actually have to read the book at least once to properly light this candle, so get it out of the way ASAP so you can focus on the important stuff.

The bucket we need (any bucket will do) is back up top near the well.  As for the pickaxe...

There's a cave to the left of Bollux that contains not only the pick (and bucket) that we need, but two powder kegs!  These will come in handy in case we need to safely destroy a swath of enemies, or just for shits and giggles.

: "Yoink!"
: "Are you ever going to not, in some way, violate the sanctity of the dead, Dave?"
: "...Nooooooo?"

Up north of Bollux is an entrance to another cave, this one slightly more important than the one previous.

And not just because it gives us not two, but...

FOUR extra powder kegs, either.  See that out-of-place patch of dirt, there?  That's actually a teleporter, when we step on it...

We get ported to a strange hallway inside a mountain.  To the south, along the left branch in the hallway, we exit to find...

The bleeding rock Stone of Castambre! 

: "That's some kinda veiny rock."

Indeed, tis.  This is the second focal point of this quest.  Reviving the golems requires blood from this specific rock and NOWHERE ELSE.  I couldn't, for example, zap myself to a butcher, steal a bucket of blood, and use that.  This ain't any ordinary rock-blood, ya see.  Its magical rock-blood.  But, the Stone of Castambre is hiding more than just magic, golem-making blood.  Oh, yes, its got a whole other secret that's got absolutely shit to do with the creation of life.

On the top right edge of the rock, one can just make out a few off-colour pixels.  These pixels aren't a graphical error; they are, in fact, a lever.  A secret lever.  Where to?  Well, the answer lies back in that dark corridor where the teleporter took us.

See that wall that's suddenly ajar?  That leads to a secret passage through the mountain to a room with some...well, I'll just show, instead of tell.

As I said, this room has shit to do with creating life.  In fact, it has everything to do with ending it.  On the left table there is a death scythe.  It sounds cool and, by all that's holy, it is.  How cool is it?  How's 50 points of damage sound?  To put that into perspective, that's 3 and one eighth times more potent than a powder keg.  Yes, we will be taking it.  And, yes, there's a place (other than the Trinsic cheat room) where we can find another.  With this, we can turn any single person into a living engine of death.

But, the fun doesn't stop there!  Oh, no.  To our right is a firedoom staff, which deals a staggering 20 base damage.  Its downside, and this is a big one, is that it is capable of friendly fire and massive splash damage; meaning that one wrong move and someone (coughIolocough) could end up turning the entire party into fucking paste.  That's sad, because it is otherwise an unbelievably good weapon.  It can pinch hit, if you do things right, and do so more effectively than a powder keg, but its somewhat less reliable, even though it does more damage.  We'll still be taking it, because I'm an obsessive hoarder.

Last, but most certainly not least: the corpse at the bottom has a total of NINE glass swords.  The fuck's a glass sword, you ask?  Only the single most potent weapon in the entire fucking game.  It deals a whopping 127 damage.  With all this power, there has to be a drawback, right?  Correct.  Glass swords are one-time use.  Hit something with it and it'll break both that something and the sword.  Only use these on things you want dead fast, like certain boss monsters and liches.  Nine of them could deal with every major threat in the game with ease, and we'll likely be getting even more.

We give the scythe to Dupre, since he has the highest strength (for now) and a decent combat rating.  We ditch his shitty regular sword and put the shield he had in his backpack in case someone else can use it.  Dave gets the glass swords and firedoom staff, since he's the most trustworthy out of the lot and will likely not try to use a glass sword against a deer.

: "Is this love?"
: "Nothin' says lovin' like a ... scythe to the ... oven?  Eeh, I got nothin'."

Anyway, we head back to the Stone and put a bucket underneath it; we also have Dave put the pick in his hands.  Double click the pick, then click on the tree.  Clicking on the stone makes someone in the party quip that the pick can't be used on it (smartasses).  Do that, and we get...

A bucket of magical rock-blood!  Take that, and pop back to Bollux to get the job done.

By double-clicking the blood bucket and then clicking on the rocks, we get the five spots we need for the ritual.  Thankfully, we only need one bucket per ritual, or this would get real tedious REAL fast.  Double-click on the scroll, and we get this little exchange...

I know, I'm being lazy.  You try transcribing all this shit because the one document you found with all the dialogue doesn't have this part, for some inane reason.

: "He gave up his heart... so that Adjhar may live! Well, not to be morbid, but I suppose the incantation should work now."
: "Okie dokie, let's do this, then!  In Ylem... In Grav... In Mani... Kal Por... Vas Flam Uus!"

A short intermezzo showing the Stone of Castambre and some fireworks later...

We get some bitchin' flames and lightning strikes!  The blood's gone, and the other golem is alive.  No, we're still not done, because we need both of them alive.  We're about halfway, though, and the other half is scarcely more challenging than the first.

: "Greetings to thee, honorable one. I can but assume that my presence here was thy doing." It becomes quickly apparent that this creature possesses a greater capability for speech than his fallen companion. The recently raised golem stares down at the prone, lifeless body of Bollux. Quickly he looks up at you. "Wh-what has happened?"
: "He, uhmmm...kinda tore his heart out."
: "Slick."
: He kneels over the body and inspects the other golem. As his fingers trace around the gaping hole in Bollux's chest, an expression of understanding fills his visage. "H-his heart is gone!" He stares down at his own chest. "He sacrificed himself by giving me his heart... the fool!" His words are insulting but his tone is affectionate. "I must help him, as he helped me! Wilt thou assist?"
: "Don't see why not."
: "Very good," he says, noticeably relieved. "I thank thee in advance."
: "So, who you is?"
: "I am the golem called Adjhar, at thy service."
: "I get the feeling your master might've been something of an ass, giving you guys names like that."
: "You called your brother a fool earlier, mind explaining exactly why?  I mean, he kinda gave his life to bring you back and all."
: "Poor Bollux did not know of the Stone of Castambre. His sacrifice was, perhaps, unnecessary. Hast thou, perchance, come across MacCuth's 'The Stone of Castambre?'"
: "Yup."
: "Dost thou have it with thee?"
: "Next to several volatile powder kegs, yes."
: His eyes reveal his hope. As he takes the book from you, it almost appears as if he is smiling. "'Tis as I suspected. Bollux thought he must sacrifice his own heart to return my life." If you were to believe it possible, you would feel positive you had just seen a drop of water fall from the golem's right eye. "The poor fool gave his life for mine. I can only hope I would have done the same. "Doing so now, however, would help nothing, for once I was gone Bollux would simply repeat his act." You hear a sigh come from the golem.
: "I don't mean to be irreverent, but did the matter not involve death, 'twould be a humorous sight: the two golems popping up and down as each one passed the `heart' to the other..."
: "Real sensitive there, Shamino."
: "However," smiles Adjhar, "'tis not necessary, for had Bollux known what is covered by this smudge, he could have told thee that a new heart may be cut from the Tree of Life. Look here," he says, pointing to a line in the tome smeared with dried mud. "I remember this from before. Thou canst take the very same pick with which thou didst collect the blood and procure a `heart' for Bollux. Of course, after thou dost place the heart upon Bollux's body, thou must again perform the same ritual of blood."
: "So, we've just got to hit the tree harder?"
: "Pretty much."
: "Killer, back in a minute."
The "Deep State."

...Whatever the heck that is.

Well, I decided to consult wikipedia and it said it was "The concept of a deep state suggests that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.[1][2][3][4][5] The term, which was originally used to refer to sophisticated shadow governments in countries like Turkey and post-Soviet Russia, has also been used in American political science to refer to entrenched government institutions wielding power, without necessarily implying a conspiracy.[6][7] Detractors say this idea is a conspiracy theory."

So I'm guessing it's like the FBI/CIA?

Oh, this is rich.
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