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In the medical community, there are debates about when, if ever, it's okay to lie to a patient. But this? This can't be justified.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Cloud3514 on Today at 01:19:20 pm »
Not to mention the inhumane way Trump has handled deporting undocumented immigrants  (deporting people who have no lives, jobs, homes or connections to the countries they were born in) and his (illegal anyway) Muslim bans.

Trump has botched basically everything he's done as president and I find it hard to believe anyone who isn't die hard Republican or just plain stupid could continue to support him.
I could make a really horrible joke, but I shall refrain.  Well, here, at least.
Politics and Government / Re: Texas protecting the "sanctity of life" again
« Last post by Id82 on Today at 11:04:00 am »
But what if the parents don't want to abort the fetus but want to know if their child is going to have disabilities?
Politics and Government / Texas protecting the "sanctity of life" again
« Last post by Askold on Today at 09:46:14 am »

This time by allowing doctors to lie to their patients. You see, if it turns out that a fetus has disabilities the doctor can instead lie to prevent the parents from opting to abort the fetus...


The final Senate vote on Tuesday split 21-9, largely along party lines. During an earlier period of debate on the Senate floor, Senator Jose Rodriguez (D-TX) expressed concern that the bill was simply a means of chipping away at women’s rights, The Houston Chronicle reports.

“It seems to be all about restricting and further limiting a woman’s right to exercise her choice as to what she’s going to do in the case of serious defects in the fetus, congenital defects in the fetus,” said Sen. Rodriguez.

SB 25 was not the only abortion bill to move quickly through the Texas Senate this week.

I'm sure that if they could just pass a ban on all abortions they would.

So, how many days was it that Texas wasn't an embarrassment to USA?
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by SCarpelan on Today at 08:36:00 am »
All the stuff about Trump's lying, sexism and so on are important in their own right but they pale when compared to a couple of vital issues:

1. Climate change. This is something I myself didn't really consider enough earlier but he is helping the Republicans to do irreparable damage. Trump personally and the Republican party as a whole deny and directly contribute to the worst direct threat our species is dealing with.

2. Health care. While it seems the ACA repeal has failed for now it is not for the lack of trying by Trump & co. This would have directly killed tens of millions of Americans.

I would be interested in knowing how can one ignore these issues and vote Trump if they are not living in a complete Republican / conservative bubble and have the time to actually do some basic research on them.
The Lounge / Re: Random Thoughts Thread
« Last post by Random Guy on Today at 08:04:56 am »
I've decided to become a Republican. Mostly because it's a lot less taxing on my mind. On economic issues, I just need to remember the three principles: "Privatize it", "The free market can handle that", and "support Israel". On social issues, I just need to ask "What would Paul from Corinthians say?"

So easy. And with that line of thinking, I thought of a great way to privatize the army.

Isn't it still a few days too early to announce that?
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by The_Queen on Today at 08:00:45 am »
And some people might think that being a woman is a flaw.

Eh, casual sexism is losing the popular vote by roughly three million, and accusing the system of being rigged because a woman can't possibly get more support than you, Mr. Manly Man.

ETA: I'm gonna speak more about this later. Gird your shit.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Tolpuddle Martyr on Today at 07:10:24 am »
People actually take the Benghazi manufactroversy seriously, still?

Forum Games / Re: Random Sentences (Devoid of Context)
« Last post by Art Vandelay on Today at 07:05:45 am »
I love mugs so much, I just might kill myself.
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