Author Topic: Invitation for perv-protecting cardinal to face cross examination, with music  (Read 1247 times)

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Cardinal George Pell is a piece of work, once known for bloviating against the evils of homosexuality has since become more notorious for legally intimidating abuse victims of pederast priests into silence. He got promoted for his trouble and got a sweet gig at the Vatican and has since mysteriously developed an illness preventing him from testifying before a Royal Commission into child sex abuse.

Well, this song is from Victoria Australia of which I'm a proud resident, and it's our get well card to George. All is not forgiven you sleazy old reptile.

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Ohhh, lovely tune to burn by. In Hell. Pell.
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I sympathize completely. However, to use against us. Let me ask you a troll. On the one who pulled it. But here's the question: where do I think it might as well have stepped out of all people would cling to a layman.

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Quote from: ladyrenae
You there. The creepy person who decided I was supporting their position. Stop it.

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How convenient.
In paranoia I find genius / But the ice-dreams have come
with spiritless consequence / A hatchet has been hidden
between my eyes / A hatchet gift-wrapped in paranoia / A
wooden heart never bleeds / A wooden heart never bleeds,
yet inextricable thoughts still weave / Introspection
fabricated for battle / No time has been wasted
/ Neuroleptic seconds marry electroconvulsive hours / In
the cranial freezer, paranoia is the bastard and I
find genius Petrify / Paralyze

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I freaking love this guy!