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Society and History / Re: Not-Good Things People Say on the Internet
« Last post by Sigmaleph on Today at 10:56:17 pm »
you'd think that if you care about STDs you can just ask your partner to get tested but no, I'm sure race is a much better predictor
Creative Outlets / Niam Writes Horror
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 10:40:32 pm »
(Just a thing I felt like doing on my spare time.)

(Please critique and tell me what you think)




I wake in the wee hours of the morning, hearing that noise, just outside the door to my room. I get up, walk to the door, and check it - nothing there, just the darkness of the hallway and---

The light on downstairs. It could be mum, preparing something for tomorrow's day at school, or it could be dad getting yet another drink to help him get to bed...I try to tell myself that, even though I can smell something acute on the air, all the way upstairs even - something...foul.

I close the door and go back to bed.

It'll be a busy day tomorrow in seventh grade.

I try to ignore the scratching sound continuing for about an hour longer, off and on, moving higher on the door before ceasing.


Mum drove me to school that next morning, she seemed pretty tired. Like she hadn't had much time to sleep that night. Maybe she heard it, too, but I don't want to bring it up - could've been just a vivid dream or something.

As I left the car, heading in to school, I hear the local bully boys talking in front of the derelict old gym building on my way to my first period class.

Those guys were pretty mean - led by a tall, somewhat good-looking boy named Patrick, and his three friends, they used to pick on me until recently when they just seemed to stop bothering. Maybe they moved on to more tantalizing targets, or maybe after eight weeks they just got tired of it.

Patrick looked pretty tired too, and said he heard scratching outside his window that night.

I stood there for a good minute before being urged by a hall monitor to keep moving to class.


Class with Mr. Dimm was as usual pretty boring - he would basically talk in a stream of consciousness about whatever historical time he had to tell us about. This week it looked like he was discussing the times just after the First Crusade, and basically going through what each country was like immediately afterwards.

I was distracted however by a persistent scratching sound at the classroom door.

Could only I hear it?


That afternoon, after school, I decided to try and head home as soon as possible, but was caught on my way out the front gates of the school by Patrick and his guys.

"Hey, buddy, its been a while." Patrick put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. I wanted to run, but Patrick held me tight, and then asked, " been hearing weird scratching noises?"

I didn't know where he might get that idea, and gulped, "M-Maybe..."

Patrick looked over at Jan and Mitch, his two underlings, and then held a bit tighter, "M-M-M-M-M-Maybe...?" And there was his mocking tone yet again. Patrick reached over while holding me and painfully twisted my nipple through my shirt, wringing pained gasps from my mouth.

"Yes Patrick yes! I heard it okay, please stop...!" Patrick let go, and I stumbled forward, panting and wheezing.

The bully stated, "Then we're good. I heard those noises basically nonstop last night...couldn't concentrate. I was trying to have fun, and the noise just kept knocking me out of it."

I got back up and wondered about that - I heard it 3 to 6 times, the last three times really fast, but apparently Patrick was hearing it just nonstop. "W-Why did you think about asking me...?"

Patrick leaned forward a bit and said, dead serious, "Because when it stopped, I heard some squeaky, plush toy voice say "Say Hi To Bill Aynsley"."

My eyes widened - whatever had been making the noise had spoken to Patrick and led him to me. For what reason, I could not know. All that was apparent right now was I was not alone in hearing something, and whatever it was had much more it could do than simply scratch at the door.


After Patrick and I parted ways, I headed home quickly, eager to get back to the safe space I was sure existed at home. Most of us kids had to walk home, there were no school buses in this little old town, and most of our parents had a long shift at work in the day.

For some reason on the way home, I saw a lot of stray dogs loitering about - all of them immediately getting up a bit and turning to look at me. Even while one was eating a bit of spilled food, it stopped, turned, looked at me, and then went back to its meal when I was out of eyeshot.

It was then I heard the voice.

I think the breed is called Doberman Pincher...Pisher...something like that...but it suddenly walked out in front of me, and started hacking. Nonstop - just constantly coughing and forcing up what looked like some sort of black liquid. I saw its eyes roll back in its head.

Then the dog spoke, in the squeaky, strained voice I would come to identify as the bringer of my nightly horrors, "Hi Bill - you're gonna die."

(chapter 1 done.)
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by Tolpuddle Martyr on Today at 09:43:56 pm »
The Department of Labor sued Google for discriminatory practices in January, Google boy does his brain fart. Then women file suit themselves. Good timing, he gave 'em some good ammo.

Google had been fighting against allegations of systematically underpaying its female employees in court prior to sacking him.

The initial lawsuit was initiated when the company didn’t turn over some requested data on employee compensation during a September 2015 audit

As said in your OP, multiple lawsuits, Lana.

If this is a work rights issue I'll side with the female employees, they want to get a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. He's just an idiot!

Link's up there, I'll try to remember. Feel free to check the dates.

Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by Lana Reverse on Today at 09:34:41 pm »

Okay, this little theory of yours... it holds absolutely no water. Damore was fired on August 7. The plaintiffs didn't file their suit against Google until over a month later. So unless time suddenly became non-linear and nobody told me, what you're suggesting is factually wrong. How hard is it to check a couple of dates?
If I could hack her account, I'd make a dozen topics stating that "I, Lady Checkmate, convert to Rastafarianism."
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Id82 on Today at 04:10:11 pm »
Thank you once again John McCain.
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by Tolpuddle Martyr on Today at 04:07:48 pm »
I think we've actually made some progress Lana, this isn't about science. It's a labor dispute, that's cool-I'm no scientist but I'm a trade unionist, I can do labor disputes and no, I don't think a faceless multinational is acting out of the goodness of it's stone cold heart.

What happened here was that there's a company embroiled in a labor dispute with some women employees claiming wage discrimination on the basis of gender. Some idiot puts on company letterhead that OF COURSE male employees are better than gets out.

Their HR department does this:

Their legal department does this:

The plaintiffs bringing the case against Google do this:

Because this gimboid just put tried to justify the shit Google are trying to say never happens in a company communication which looks just great in court.

Of course they fucking sacked the idiot, he didn't give them a choice. And yes, in any jurisdiction I've heard of private communications that mention company policy are public the moment they get out. If you privately text message to the bosses favorite toady that he picks his nose and eats it and it hits the local papers-hell yes he has grounds to sack you! Even if he makes the call over a bowl of his own boiled snot.

This wasn't a whistleblower speaking truth to power, this was a shithead talking shit about an issue that was currently before the courts in an internal Memo that presumably had cute copyrighted Google doodles all over it!

That's just dense Lana, it's science!

The Lounge / Re: Things That Annoy You
« Last post by dpareja on Today at 03:59:08 pm »
When Americans say, "We can't do government-run health care, look at the VA!"

The VA combines the worst aspects of single-provider with the worst aspects of private insurer networks. How about you try single-payer?
Religion and Philosophy / Re: Christian News Network fundies
« Last post by RWH on Today at 03:54:31 pm »
Yes, I was wondering why there were no replies to my posts.  To be quite honest, I'm losing interest in the site.  People like Amos get to insult others, yet nothing happens.  He was extremely insulting, dismissing the education and knowledge of others.  Imagine!  To tell someone who earned degrees that they are just mere pieces of paper.  Do the moderators even realize that some of the bad behavior on this list is motivated by people like Amos.   

Since we're not even on an even playing field, there is no real sense to try to participate.  I have found that I am not getting my own work done because I'm so busy countering the insults which others throw--with impunity!

I will continue to follow this list, but I probably will wean myself of Christian News.  Much of what they publish is not really news but rather meddling into the private affairs of others and other churches.  And the attitude of the list, especially the moderators, is certainly not Christian.
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