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Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO), who had run on "family values" while having an affair, has been indicted on felony invasion of privacy charges for attempting to blackmail his mistress with nude photos in order to keep his wife from finding out about his affair.

Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday afternoon by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony charge of invasion of privacy.

The charge stems from a 2015 affair and allegations that he threatened to release a nude photograph of the woman, taken while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound, if she ever spoke publicly about the affair.
Religion and Philosophy / Church plans to bless AR-15s
« Last post by dpareja on Today at 05:45:21 pm »

World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, is putting on a dinner at which they encourage attendees to bring semi-automatic rifles (or gun store vouchers in the event that they cannot obtain such a weapon before the event) so that the weapons can be blessed.
Why does "my religious freedom" often translate to "my unwilling kids lack thereof?"
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by Tolpuddle Martyr on Today at 04:32:54 pm »
Should I make another Taylor Swift song parody based on Lana not being Ultie? I've got another one in mind.
Hell, you can even make it topical. A judge just found her riffs lack originality and creativity!
The Lounge / Re: The Funny/Stupid Pics Thread
« Last post by dpareja on Today at 02:56:10 pm »

Trump's new plan to improve gun safety: give all guns guns.
Maybe, just maybe, this kind of shit is why nobody wants you in the first place.
Entertainment and Television / Re: Video Game Thread 2.0
« Last post by Askold on Today at 09:38:51 am »
Stellaris 2.0 came out yesterday and me and a few buddies tested the multiplayer. Massive changes to the game, plenty of new bugs and problems that need balancing, but it seems mostly good.

...I mean, my empire was ruined by space-Mongols who came and destroyed everything I had twice (because I couldn't afford to bribe them off since the first war destroyed my economy) but it was still fun.
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by RavynousHunter on Today at 09:14:41 am »
(gets ideas involving neural networks and UP's posts)
Entertainment and Television / Re: Video Game Thread 2.0
« Last post by RavynousHunter on Today at 09:12:35 am »
Nah, this is the kind of bullshit I expected from the moment a co-op zombie survival game with Metal Gear slapped on it was announced.  Gotta remember, they effectively gave up making decent games (or, really, any games at all), kicked out their big names like Koji Igarashi and Hideo Kojima (or drove them away), and focused on fucking pachinko machines.  I'd not be surprised if the only reason MG:Survive doesn't have loot boxes is because Konami is about a decade behind everyone else.
Before they even mentioned incels, I knew it was from one of those incel sites.  I may, or may not, have spent far too much time on the mainpage.
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