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Entertainment and Television / Re: Video Game Thread 2.0
« Last post by Askold on Today at 08:41:59 am »
Fire-beam really is a sadistic and fun weapon. Have some rapid firing weapons (preferably Ion) to take down the shields and then start setting stuff on fire. For a risky maneuver teleport Rock crew onto the ship.

The Bio-beam that one of the Slug ships starts with is similar but faster. Take down the med-bay and you can wipe out most crews (as long as the shield is down for a moment) quickly.

Then there's the Vulcan... It is the single most destructive weapon in the game. A gatling gun that slowly picks up firing speed. If you can survive half a minute in the fight without getting the weapon disabled it will chew through any shields the enemies might have and though the tougher opponents require a secondary weapon (like a beam-drone or something)

Lots of viable playstyles in the game though, that's a good thing as none of the ships are worthless though some (like the Stealth ships) require skills AND luck to get upgrades since the starting form is not that good. Basically, Magikarp thingy going on there.
Entertainment and Television / Re: Video Game Thread 2.0
« Last post by Art Vandelay on Today at 06:07:41 am »
I've gotten back into FTL: Faster Than Light recently. Holy fuck, is fire barrels of fun. Set the enemy ship ablaze and watch the resulting inferno slowly destroy its systems and overwhelm the crew until they eventually burn/suffocate. I can't believe I never tried that before back in the day.
NRA TV: Kill them all...kill them all...kill them all!

Pennywise: Yes Timmy go and kill th---wait, you're ALREADY telling him to do that? And people call me the monster clown.
Or someone who was radicalized by the NRA tv which is basically telling people to do this.
Probably one of those Columbine worshipping edgelords again. That seems to be a pattern.
April 20 is 420, the anniversary of Columbine, and Adolf Hitler's birthday.
When I first read the thread title, I was fearing the worst. Thank goodness nobody died.

The students at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida had planned to participate in the national walkout against gun violence Friday morning. But a student was shot at the high school before the walkout started, sparking a school evacuation and sending the rest of the district into lockdown.

One 17-year-old student was injured and has been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The shooter — a 19-year-old man who is not a student at the school — was taken into custody by a school resource officer within three minutes of the shooting at 8:39 a.m., Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said at a press conference Friday. The school resource officer did not fire any shots, and the shooter was taken into custody without resistance. Woods said the shooting was intentional, but could not confirm whether the shooter and the victim knew each other.

...I guess that's one way to stop kids from complaining that they don't want to get shot.
The Lounge / Re: The Funny/Stupid Pics Thread
« Last post by RavynousHunter on April 20, 2018, 09:13:00 am »
Also known as the moment STERDUST entered the arena.
Forum Games / Re: Sexy, Neutral, not sexy.
« Last post by Art Vandelay on April 19, 2018, 08:52:08 pm »
Massively sexy.

Cripple fights.
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