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Preaching and Worship / Re: SUPERPOWERED ALIENS AMONG US!!!!1
« Last post by Benjamin on Today at 10:53:11 pm »
The information is very good, get more knowledge.
The Lounge / Re: Merry Christmas, One and All
« Last post by Benjamin on Today at 10:52:23 pm »
It's a very good article that I'm looking to read.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Id82 on Today at 07:30:31 pm »
Oh that just makes me smile. For someone to find out they've been trolled all along.
The Lounge / Re: Funny/Stupid Videos
« Last post by Skybison on Today at 06:08:01 pm »
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Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Askold on Today at 10:44:02 am »
After the 13 Russians got the indictments and Mueller publicly stated that Russia did interfere with the elections AND had bots and trolls influencing politics in USA things are heating up.

Trump goes back to lying and gaslighting as is his way.

T_D is in panic mode, r/Conspiracy is having a minor revolt when it was revealed that many of their favourite sources were in fact Russian shills...

Next week is going to be interesting.
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by davedan on Today at 02:00:13 am »
Eh! I thought this had been more or less admitted.

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Politics and Government / Re: Tax Cut Predictions?
« Last post by Lana Reverse on Today at 12:29:57 am »

I wouldn't be surprised. While it probably wouldn't have the ideological underpinning of Ryan's utopia, I could see Prima Donald building a real-world Rapture. Or at least trying to.

Though I have to wonder who his Fontaine would be...
Science and Technology / Re: Google facing multiple lawsuits
« Last post by Lana Reverse on Today at 12:24:01 am »
No need to be rude.

You're a poopyhead.

The opposite of respect is not rudeness, it is dishonesty.  You are someone with a long history of rank dishonesty ranging from lying that your brother was trans to now making a sock puppet to dodge bans.  If you do not respect us enough to be honest, we have no reason to respect you enough not to be rude.

And don't come back with "But you can't prove I'm dynamic paragon".  We know it's you.  You know we know it's you.  We know that you know that we know it's you.  When you do that you are merely further demonstrating your lack of respect for the rest of us.

Is this supposed to intimidate me? Unless you can read minds over the Internet, the only thoughts you can know are your own.

And I say you have no proof because it's true. Your accusations aren't based on any kind of evidence. They're based on your opinion. If you had any evidence, even circumstantial evidence, you would've presented it long ago. And that's what really annoys me about them. If your position was based on evidence, I'd be able to engage with you seriously. Not only would I better understand where you were coming from, but I could challenge it on a factual basis. Since you aren't, all I can do is try to rebuff your unsubstantiated allegations.

So why do you keep making these accusations? Do you have a score to settle with this guy? Are you suspicious of anyone who expresses certain opinions? Or is your stance a mere fig leaf to justify your rudeness and refusal to assume good faith? Because whatever your underlying motives are, acting like a braying jackass because of allegations you cannot back up is not rational, mature, or endearing.
Politics and Government / Re: Tax Cut Predictions?
« Last post by RavynousHunter on February 17, 2018, 11:38:45 pm »
Politics and Government / Re: Tax Cut Predictions?
« Last post by rookie on February 17, 2018, 11:01:18 pm »
Is anyone surprised by this? Everything he has done has been too profit personally. He's been trying for how long to put up a hotel in the city with the highest per capita of millionaires. He's trying to get one in Beijing as well, but with a different tract (bluster then befriend). The old saying goes follow the money. The man, and his cronies in office, aren't worried about a damn thing other than what they can personally get out of it.
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