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Re: Fandumb
« Reply #360 on: August 19, 2015, 02:33:42 am »
Rumor confirmed, actually.  Murray's coming back for a cameo.  Scuttlebutt is Ernie Hudson might poke his head in too.
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Re: Fandumb
« Reply #361 on: August 19, 2015, 04:40:34 pm »
There was a rumour that Bill Murray was going to do a cameo on the new ghostbusters just because it was an all female lead. If that's the case then I am all for it. Personally I'll be happy as long as it's not a scene for scene remake of the original with only the genders swapped.

Rumor confirmed, actually.  Murray's coming back for a cameo.  Scuttlebutt is Ernie Hudson might poke his head in too.

Murray's had, what I gather to be, a somewhat love and hate relationship with the franchise over the years.

He loved doing the first movie.  He considers it one of the best times he's ever had in his life.  That great time got him to take a look at what Reitman and Aykroyd were proposing for the second movie.

He didn't enjoy the second movie.  The script that was actually filmed was, it has been hinted, vastly different from the pitch that brought him onboard;  whether this was the cause of Murray's disdain of doing sequels, or just reinforced it, I can't say--but since then, the only sequel he's ever done is a second Garfield movie, where he could literally just phone in all his lines.

He sometimes feels like Aykroyd and the fans have been badgering him to do a third movie, which he just plain didn't want to do.  There were scripts over the years where he's barely in it; ever since the late 90's every GB3 pitch has basically been a "handing of the torch" scenario where a new team played by younger actors is trained by the remaining original Ghostbusters and would thus take over the property.  He did do Venkman's voice in the 2009 video game, but, again, it didn't take a lot of physical effort--and there's a member of the production team on the game who posts on GBFans, and has talked about Murray's mercurial work ethic doing even that.

Murray's also been a bit prickly about allowing his likeness to be used in merchandising;  one of the main reasons that the 1980's cartoon The Real Ghostbusters came up with completely different likenesses for the movie characters is so that they didn't have to worry with paying Bill Murray to use his face.  (The last few years have seen comics that look closer to the movie actors, though they tend to be very stylized caricatures or only vaguely resemble the actors--I remember one cover artist being told by IDW to redo a picture because Venkman looked too much like Bill Murray in the drawing).

I dunno.  Murray's gotten a lot of, depending on who you ask, either the blame for their not being a real GB3, or the credit for not letting what could have been an ever worse movie that GB2 come to fruition.  I suspect he's basically onboard for a cameo because that's all it is--he won't feel like he's being expected to carry the movie.
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