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Entertainment and Television / Re: What Music Are You Listening To?
« Last post by Askold on Today at 04:07:36 am »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Bad Religion made a song about the Alt-Right and mocked them on it.

Lots of Nazi tears in the comment section.
Politics and Government / Re: Tommy Robinson trainwreck
« Last post by Kanzenkankaku on Today at 03:55:33 am »
UK's had some free speech flubs as recent as this year. This is not one of them. Tommy and his InfoWars buddy PJW are both complete imbeciles.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Kanzenkankaku on Today at 03:53:18 am »
"America is dead because children won't be separated from their parents" - a family values Republican
The Lounge / Re: Anything Good Happen Today?
« Last post by Kanzenkankaku on Today at 03:52:06 am »
Also this was like yesterday/2 days ago but I hadnt had Jimmy Johns in so long.
The Italian is still so good.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Askold on Today at 01:46:53 am »
Guess who saw another chance to be a horrible person?

This is all a contest for Coulter and she is furious that "the left" got something that they wanted.
Society and History / Re: The crazy stuff people say on the net
« Last post by Askold on Today at 01:10:14 am »
What I get from that is: Those people don't understand that a kids show or film can have female characters without them being assigned into hetero pairings.
Maybe GooberGabs going mostly defunct shattered his brain.
Preaching and Worship / Re: IMPORTANT THINGS
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 12:38:17 am »
As to the property rights thing, I wouldn't care at all - and nowadays I don't imagine many would care to be ruled by someone based on "do you know who my ancestor 500 years ago was? I am more legitimate based on my distant ancestors as opposed to who you have now."

And again - try going to Britain and starting shit.

Until then I'll gladly mock your obsession with Jim Bixburp and his claim to legally fart on a certain throne.
Preaching and Worship / Re: IMPORTANT THINGS
« Last post by Art Vandelay on June 20, 2018, 11:27:02 pm »
I disagree with all of you. By all reasonable accounts, the crowns of England, Scotland, France, Jamaica and pretty much everywhere else rightfully belong to me. This is of course due to the Fuck You laws of 1467 and the ever popular Treaty of Suck My Big Fat One of 1630, in which absolute authority over the entire world and all of its filthy peasants was legally agreed upon to be my property. Agreed upon by who? Nobody knows, but they are official, totally legitimate documents written on real parchment by a bunch of inbred feudalists and therefore the ultimate authority of everything. Anyone who disagrees is not a True Patriot and an all around bumface.

In that alternate universe how are you possibly that old, and why did the people around the world want YOU to rule over them?

Because we've seen him whip it out.

See? This guy gets it.
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