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Preaching and Worship / Re: Niam where is Chapter 11?
« Last post by Jacob Harrison on Today at 01:55:49 pm »
On Saturday I discovered a parallel universe where Parallel hero is true. Time traveling aliens saw your story and travelled way back in time to create a parallel universe where parallel hero is true.

My question Niam, is will Parallel hero contain enough backstory to explain how Jaime came to power, or will I have to make a prequel animation to document how he came to power?
Society and History / "Interesting" police operation in Finland.
« Last post by Askold on Today at 10:55:13 am »
In the archipelago of Turku the Finnish police made a few arrests in what they refer to as "routine operation" into possible financial crimes.

This "routine operation" included 300 police officers (carrying assault rifles and SMGs and having had their faces covered) assaulting a small corporation and arresting people.

The corporation is officially in tourism business and marketed to Russians. In order to do this tourism they have spent the last several years buying properties near Finnish telecommunication masts and other strategic locations and building cabins with helicopter pads. Also they bought some surplus vehicles from the Finnish navy.

Despite all of these purchases they have never actually had any customers and Finnish analysts are politely saying that it is kinda confusing how the corporation could be still operating when they have never made any money over the years.

Finnish police are saying nothing of importance and are frustrating the reporters.

"But why did your officers had automatic weapons and wore masks?!" "Well, these are part of the standard equipment in the police car and are used if needed on the assignment." "Did the operation require it?" "No comment."
Society and History / Re: A Victory in the Infowars!
« Last post by dpareja on Today at 10:45:57 am »
They're probably worried about the knock-on effects of the lawsuits being brought against him for defamation by the Sandy Hook parents.
Society and History / Re: A Victory in the Infowars!
« Last post by Askold on Today at 07:39:08 am »
Yeah, the only odd thing about this is that it happened this late. His harassment of families of massacre victims is a thing that went on for years.

All I can guess is that unless something happened behind the scenes, after Youtube FINALLY took down a few of his videos (and Jones falsified into being a much bigger attack) everyone just decided that he is more trouble than he is worth and there have been cabinet meetings in several corporations where they each look at how others have already banned him and being the last one to do so is not good for PR.
Preaching and Worship / Re: Niam where is Chapter 11?
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 02:31:17 am »

Well, to my most strident and devoted fan, here's Part 1 of Chapter 11, Hail to the King.
Creative Outlets / Chapter 11 (Part 1): Hail to the King
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 02:30:31 am »
The sounds of swords clashing against one another broke the silence issued by the reveal of the Old King's state. Gabriel parried the first strike to come in, only to be forced to roll out of the way on the ground when the next few strikes came in from the falsebound Excalibur. The King seemed to fight emotionlessly, his state like that of automata - moving only according to the whims of the puppetmaster.

Speaking of whom, Bethicia cackled outloud in abject fiendish delight, "This is just too good! The young knight faces one who has brought him great honor and pain - and he cannot bring himself to make even a single volt!"

Tamerin struck down one of the zombies with his spear and levitated up on the pole of the spear, "Explain yourself, you vile sorceress!"

Bethicia seemed to be happy to explain even as the fight continued in the clearing made by the swings of their blades, "I spent years perfecting this spell - the Art of Corpse Duplication, Enslavement of the Dead. With this I can bring someone back at a measure of the power they had in life...except then they have no choice but to obey my every command. Like this one; Lord Jaime, spill Gabriel Dulac's guts all over the ground."

Gabriel dodged a crucial and potentially fatal upward slice from the False Excalibur, as the two separated for a moment.

Gabriel wanted to belt out any number of curses, long and vile, at that harridan up there, taking delight in the suffering of mortals, but as it was his every single drop of focus was on surviving this fight. Long hair stained with sweat and dirt from numerous dodge rolls, Gabriel held his sword up in a defensive stance.

Bethicia crooned outloud, "Ohh not even willing to take an offensive? You know what that means, slave."

Jaime rushed in and started stabbing frantically at Gabriel, no regard to his own health.

Gabriel parried and dodged attacks as best he could, but one inevitably nicked his jawline, sending a brief spatter of red lifeblood into the night air. Bethicia let out a gasp of pleasure at this, rubbing her hands together. King Tamerin and Jerome winced at the sight, even as Jerome burned yet more of the witch Bethicia's zombies to dust.

Jerome morosely contemplated, "...How many many despoiled graveyards for this foul army...?"

Tamerin - when his own end of the fight looked to be free - started to fly in, but Gabriel turned his head and shouted, "NO! This is my fight! No matter matter what. This is my fight. From beginning to end...It was Jaime who brought me well and fully into the Knightly Order. And will be me...that returns him to peace within God's Heaven."

Bethicia crooned, "Ohh such bravado! But so lacking in substance. You can't even land a hit---"

That was when Jaime spoke, "...Gabriel...for all that...happened---I misjudged you. be a fine lad. F-Finish me off...please...I-I-I am...s-s-sorry..." Every word seemed like a battle for him to force out, and when he finished his mouth slammed shut, cracking several teeth.

Bethicia shouted and screamed, suddenly furious, "Did your master say you could speak you disgusting show piece!? KILL HIM! KILL GABRIEL DULAC! KILL!"

Gabriel readied his sword, pointed it forward, preparing his legs for a charge. Then he was in movement, sword poised for a stabbing attack - do or die.

"KILL!" Her voice loud to all other than Dulac.

The King, unwillingly, prepared a large skewering strike aimed at the chest - with such a sword it would be a fatal one.

Gabriel suddenly twisted to the side.

"KILL!" She was now sounding more and more desperate. Tamerin and Jerome gasped - neither could bear to look...

Gabriel slid just a bit more, as the King's sword instead of skewering him slid along the side of his armor, followed by a barrage of sparks due to this contact, as Gabriel's own stab punctured through the armor and befouled flesh of the undead King. Gabriel knew he had only one chance.

..I let you go. For good or ill. Gabriel's mind processed the images he saw in those dreams, his troubled thoughts, his memories. Goodbye King Jaime. Be at rest.

"THUNDER KING'S HAMMER!!" The invocation brought down a massive hammer shaped burst of lightning that sent Bethicia tumbling off of her shadowy energy, and incinerated the undead King's body for good. Gabriel thought he heard something before the attack happened, but could not fathom at that moment what it was.

He stood there as the spell's power faded from immediate view, lightning crackling off of him. He looked at Bethicia, raising his sword. "Contend with me without your minions, wench!!"

Bethicia got back up and a large inky mass of darkness exploded out from underneath her, and she coldly pronounced, "Then you will face all the powers of Hell!"
Preaching and Worship / Re: Niam where is Chapter 11?
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 02:07:48 am »
This may be my first exposure to such a fan.

Given the sheer volume of it and the PMs, I'd say he's one step away from "GIVE ME MY MISERY!!!"

The Lounge / Re: The Funny/Stupid Pics Thread
« Last post by dpareja on September 23, 2018, 11:56:16 pm »
I can assure you that this is a real poster.

Preaching and Worship / Re: Niam where is Chapter 11?
« Last post by dpareja on September 23, 2018, 11:41:06 pm »
Maybe Jacob's... affections... have shifted from his cousin to niam.
Preaching and Worship / Re: Niam where is Chapter 11?
« Last post by Tolpuddle Martyr on September 23, 2018, 11:34:10 pm »
OMG the frantic fanboyism on display!
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