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The Adventures of Shawn and Jacob Episode 1:Halloween
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:55:40 pm »
This script is to be used to make an animation on YouTube.

OPENING SCENE:7th grade hallway:Thursday October 27, 2011

SHAWN JACKSON(a blond haired 12 year old with glasses):Outside my windows I heard what sounded like voices in another language doing some kind of chant.

JACOB HARRISON(see picture):Could it be the ghosts of native Americans? Perhaps your house was built on an Indian burial ground.

SHAWN JACKSON:I don’t think so because I never heard it before.

Luke Bell(12 year old with blond hair) and his friend Nathan Lebowski(another 12 year old with blond hair) are walking by. They are rivals to Shawn and Jacob.

LUKE BELLOr perhaps you are making shit up because Halloween is coming up.

JACOB HARRISON:Fuck off! On Halloween, instead of trick or treating, we should investigate.

NATHAN LEBOWSKI:Oh, so instead of getting delicious candy to eat, your going to waste your time playing make believe like little preschoolers.

SHAWN JACKSON:I am not making it up. I will film with my camera and show what we find to you the next day.

LUKE BELL:Ok go ahead. And I will be able to tell if the video is faked.

CUT TO:Halloween Night.

Jacob Harrison and Shawn Jackson are investigating in their Halloween Costumes. Jacob Harrison is dressed as the Zombie you see in his profile picture and is carrying his flashlight. Shawn Jackson is dressed as Freddy Kruger and is recording with his camera.

JACOB HARRISON:There is nothing here.

They suddenly briefly hear chanting coming from the woods. It sounds like deep voices making sounds.

JACOB HARRISON(whispering):It is coming from the woods.

SHAWN JACKSON:It does not sound human. Remember what Father Michael said about there being an abundance of demons around Halloween. I think we should go inside.

JACOB HARRISON:Whatever it is, we should investigate. We have material bodies unlike demons so we can easily run away from them.

SHAWN JACKSON:I don’t think that this is a good idea.

JACOB HARRISON:Don’t be a coward Shawn. Let’s do it.

Jacob Harrison runs into the woods.


Shawn runs after Jacob.

They go into the woods. They briefly hear the chant again.

JACOB HARRISON:It’s this way.

SHAWN JACKSON:We should go back.

JACOB HARRISON:But we’re so close.

They finally approach a large round silver object.

JACOB HARRISON:What is this large object? Is it some sort of fortress or something.

SHAWN:Jacob I think we need to turn back.

All of a sudden they hear the loud chanting and suddenly they see grey aliens surrounding them.

The aliens walk closer and closer to them.

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