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Re: TV Shows
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The distance from Dragonstone to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is closer to 2300 miles. Assuming a raven travels ~30 miles / hour (they have been measured to fly 22-28 mph) the message would take over 3 days to reach Dany. When you consider that the bird needs to stop to rest and feed and can't travel at top speed all the time I'd say it's closer to a week before Dany would reach them assuming her dragons can fly the distance without rest.

Edit: fixed the distance between the castles (I misread a map and thought it was 2500 miles) and adjusted the calculations accordingly.

Edit 2: I admit that this is still a few days faster than I intuitively estimated but the point still stands.
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Re: TV Shows
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Goes to show how much I know of Westeros geography, lol.  So, yeah, even if they managed to stave off death for about 5 days (kinda unlikely given that they were in a frozen shithole), and assuming the bird needed at least a full 24 hours of rest (in total) to get to Dany, and one day for Dany to travel, then she'd be clipping along just over 150km/h (~100mph).  Still not infeasible, given we know exactly nothing about how fast dragons can really go when they're at full tilt, but the party living nearly a week on whatever rations they had in the middle of a frozen lake with nothing but their own body heat does kinda beggar beleif.
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