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Re: Tabletop Game Thread
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A comedy of errors:

The team is hired to kill a powerful mage who is hiding somewhere and cannot be seen on digital anything. The team finds out that she is in LA and books a flight from a smuggler ASAP. (Mistake 1)

When they get to LA they find out that the target is in an arcology. They could have waited to get better fake-SINs, better cover stories and actually made a plan. Now they are in a foreign country with no plans and Rating 2 SINs for the country. They decide to smuggle themselves into the arcology to find the target. (Mistake 2)

When they manage to locate the office where the target is working and realize that there is no plan other than to see if she is there and then, I dunno... Kill her? The street sam is impatient and walks into the office alone with no social skills to see if he can bluff a meeting with the target. (Mistake 3) The Shaman and the Decker quickly move in but with three people trying to bluff with no success the Sam instead takes a dose of Kamikaze and knocks out the secretary. (Mistake 4)

They discover that the target is taking a flight to Seattle tomorrow morning. Further study of the office and poor Assessing (Mistake 5) triggers a trap that wakes up an angry earth spirit who scares off the entire team.

The terrified Sam tears off an elevator door and jumps into the shaft which is enough to wake up every guard nearby. The rest of the team sneaks out in the chaos but the Sam does not resist (Mistake 6) and is taken to some higher up who recognizes him (Mistake 7) and he lies (poorly) that he was hired to kidnap an Horizon employee. The Sam is out of the job as he is escorted out of the arcology and under surveillance until he gets back to Seattle.

The rest of the team decides to try one more time (Mistake 8) to ambush the target at the airport as they know when her originally booked flight is leaving. You know, just in case she is way too arrogant to make even slightest adjustment to her plans now that she knows that a team of Runners is after her.

The Gunslinger Adept had been waiting overnight on a hill hidden (not well enough) (Mistake 9) with an assault rifle ready to snipe the target. The Shaman and the Decker spent a night at a hotel and got back early in the morning. The Decker is waiting at the airport cafeteria. The Shaman is invisible (not well enough) (Mistake 10) on a different hill nearby ready to blast the target with a spell.

The target is extremely arrogant and shows up right on schedule. Shaman blasts her with a Force 14 flamethrower spell (single target spell to avoid collateral damage. This is mistake 11.) and burns a point of Edge. The target burns a point of Edge to survive it and because her bodyguards are unharmed they drag her to the plane. Adept takes a shot but a powerful barrier and a bodyguard stepping in front of the bullet save the target. (Mistake 12) Shaman goes unconscious due to spell Drain (Mistake 13.)

The Decker steps into the cafeteria toilet, goes hot-sim and hacks the plane destroying the electronics which drops the plane from the sky (or possibly it makes a controlled landing) mid takeoff.

Session ends.

Next time the team will find out if both the (unconscious) Shaman and the Adept get caught during their escape and can the team make it to the crash site to see if the target is finally dead or did she survive and escape. (If she is alive they have no way to get there in time to stop her from escaping.
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