Author Topic: What about the children who like genocide?  (Read 267 times)

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What about the children who like genocide?
« on: March 18, 2017, 10:02:03 pm »
In the 20th century, Canada committed a massive program of cultural genocide against First nations.  Countless children were taken from there homes to residential schools for the purpose of destroying native cultures, where they were beaten if they spoke their native language, starved, sexually abused and generally had a lower survival rate then soldiers in the second world war.  Today the government of Canada has apologized for this shameful crime, which is seen as one of the darkest moments of out history as an independent nation.

Senator Lynn Beyek is just hoping mad about how unfair coverage of the Canadian residential schools is.  Nobody ever talks about about what good faithful Christians the people committing genocide were.  They only ever talk to survivors who hated being there but never about all the students who enjoyed being beaten for speaking their native language.  We should stop being so one sided in out talk about genocide, and start telling both sides.

Personally I agree.  In fact I don't think she goes far enough.  Why don't we ever talk to jews who had fun at Auschwitz?  Or mention how patriotic most SS men were?

After these comments some cucks have been calling for her to resign from the Senate Aboriginal Affairs Committee.  As you will not be surprised to learn she has refused, instead denouncing the media as Fake News, and pointing out she has lot's of aboriginal friends (although she couldn't remember their names when asked).
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Re: What about the children who like genocide?
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And then we followed this up (and did it somewhat concurrently) with the Sixties Scoop, but I'm sure Senator Beyak will tell us that all those kids just loved being ripped from their parents and sold to white families!
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