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Wouldn't be surprised if he's eventually going to start getting into pissing matches with himself, once his mind really starts to go.

Digging up his old tweets that criticize Obama without calling him by name and sending them at him without giving the source might do the trick.

Oh, and Der Spiegel keeps on having fun at his expense:

Wouldn't be surprised if he's eventually going to start getting into pissing matches with himself, once his mind really starts to go.
The idea that the Angry Cheeto is posting on a place famous for its rather lax standards when it comes to motherfucking 8 year-olds, dude and is oft called b8chan is something I find inherently hilarious.  I knew the Annoying Orange liked 'em young, but damn!
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by RavynousHunter on Today at 08:59:15 am »
Holy hellfire, is he fucking special or something?  Seriously, that's practically Self-Incrimination 101.
Politics and Government / Re: Mr. Trump Goes to Washington
« Last post by Askold on Today at 07:52:39 am »
So Bannon was forced to testify for the Congress and said that he doesn't have to answer about anything that happened in the White house because Trump told him not to...

I guess he forgot that he could just say "I don't remember" 50 times in a row and that is perfectly legal. Because though both are shady we now have a Bannon on record saying that those specific topics are things that he was forbidden to talk about.
...then again, I WOULD kind of see the President believing such things
Not got to read it (or going to), but he gets his misinformation in bite-size shit-nuggets. It is sparse or elaborate?
and posting on 8chan to that effect.
Does it look like it was written by a 5 yr old?

That said, it would explain why those groups seemingly want all those vulnerable refugees coming in. Why they never got the FDA to do the travel ban in that case is a mystery it seems, as is the supply shortfall. The average American consumes about 0.4 pigs a year, and if you want to convert that to people, you're looking at a 3-4 ratio without even looking at limiting it to muscle, which would up it much further. Then there is the fact those groups cover millions of people at a minimum - tens of millions if you fill it out, meaning you'd need to, at the very least double that number (i.e. everyone eats two people a year), just to keep your supply up, but there are only about 1 million people a year coming in, and I'd hesitate to say if ANY are being eaten. They'd need to round it out with aborted fetuses to make garum (and there wouldn't be enough), and maybe dry out dead people for jerky. You could I suppose turn crematoriums into BBQ pits and lie about the temperature.[and if you're an insane troll, suggest that's why they keep starting wars, and a bunch of the coffins that come back are filled up with villagers harvested by the military.] Why they're not dropping like flies due to bioaccumulation, or BSE variants, is another matter - but maybe that's why ***they*** are all nuts. Giving blood is all about gravy - which is why the questionnaire is so complex, and they don't let you donate if there's AIDS or BSE issues, etc.

Whereas it would however explain Trump's preference for people from Norway over Haiti.

(In other news, the pieceofshit that took over the DHS from Kelly (Nielsen) just went on the record in a senate hearing saying Trump wanted people from Norway because they are 'hard working', in an inane attempt to help his dumbass, which ironically only underlines racist shit Trump used to say when he owned casinos about blacks being lazy, and it probably was her own embellishment, which means she's just as fucking racist as he is. I.e. So fucking racist you don't realise your appallingly racist shit is racism, because you're too busy hiding your uber racist shit. It's made things FAR worse, because, she pretty much stated that Trump thinks those countries are shitholes because the people who live in them are lazy, rather than external reasons like climate or wars or natural disasters or lack of opportunity. Nope it's black people are lazy. If this doesn't go stratospheric, there's something wrong with the world. Pussygate was about bragging about sexual assault, not the p word.)
Trump is also having a feud with the current AND the previous Mexican presidents. And several famous actors.

And parents of dead soldiers.

And some of the members of his own party.

And former members of his staff.

...Basically, it is a long list.
...He's not exactly fooling people who are difficult to fool...

...then again, I WOULD kind of see the President believing such things and posting on 8chan to that effect.

Then again, I am in dire need of human flesh. Praise the Dark God of Blood, Khorne, for I am about to go enjoy some deep dish flesh pizza.
The Lounge / Re: Random Thoughts Thread
« Last post by niam2023 on Today at 02:55:51 am »
Shirts getting harder to put on - lats getting a bit too wide.

Kinda looking forward to no shirts weather.
The Lounge / Re: Random Thoughts Thread
« Last post by dpareja on Today at 02:36:46 am »
Because one of the faithless electors in Texas who refused to vote for Trump for President and instead voted for Kasich nonetheless voted for Pence for VP (the other voted for Carly Fiorina), Pence received 305 electoral votes for Vice President to Trump's 304 for President.

I wonder if Pence ever privately brings up that he got more electoral votes than Trump.
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