Author Topic: Great name for a metal band- the Forum Game.  (Read 539 times)

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Great name for a metal band- the Forum Game.
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:20:23 am »
This is simple, take a phrase that would make a great name for a metal band and describe the band's various characteristics. History, concept albums, showmanship , popular songs, the whole shebang.

These guys are full-blown Tool crazy, man. Dressing up in what can best be described as a drunken SM laden coupling of H.R Giger's fever dreams and Goya's Black Paintings, they truly are a sight to behold live.

Popular songs include "Rituals of Detesting the Cosmic Apep Complex", "Worship of the almighty Valis" and the much-loved "Multiple Ticket Refunds".
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