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Re: Good Things People Say on the Internet
« Reply #390 on: April 24, 2017, 02:39:27 am »
From Reddit, a good list of all the Trump-Russia connections:
Don't expect a "smoking-gun moment", unless you really think 100+years experienced Russia is gonna make silly mistakes. Either Russia is good at their job, or they are amateurs who get caught. There exists very strong evidence already public (some of it could :

    Sessions, lied about meeting Russians.
    DJT has been to Russia several times, 1987, 1996, 2013. Why so much business in a poor-investment dictatorship? Defended Putin from accusations of killing journalists. Said Ukraine was not invaded. Praised Putin. Refused to criticize his warcrimes. Stated to ABC that he has a "great relationship with Putin" then lied and said "he has no relationship with Putin." In a press conference, he stated "Microscopic cameras, little tiny cameras that you can't see. I told people if they aren't careful they'll see themselves on the news." After NYE party asked about hacks and emails he stated "just use a courier, if you have something important to write, just send a courier. Send a courier." Similar to how Putin and his inner circle never uses email.
    J.D. Gordon, confessed to saying DJT team organized weakening of Ukraine stance from Party platform.
    Page, met with Russians after lying about it, then lied about there not being an investigation of himself and confessed minutes later in same interview.
    Ivanka tweeted out Russian spyware (Ivanak Trump HQ account). Also parties with a Russian oligarch's wife. Ivanak is trying to build a future political career, frequently taking political photo ops.
    Donald Jr. confessed to Russians owning disproportionate amount of Trump Org. and his father denied it.
    Kushner met with Kislyak along with Flynn & Sessions. He is considered a "spy master"
    Bannon's breitbart has Russian search engine tags on his website. Randomly becomes chief strategist.
    Mercer's (who support Bannon, own Breitbart) yacht was seen with Russian oligarch yachts on an island.
    Betsy Devos's brother Erik Prince met with UAE on Seychelles to establish Trump and Putin backchannel.
    Flynn met with Kislyak and was fired for communicating to the Russians about sanctions and who knows what other crimes. Flynn also took money from RussiaToday & Erdogan.
    Roger Stone, predicted accurately of releases by Russian intel (WL) and has frequently gone on RussiaToday.
    Rudy Giuliani is named as defense lawyer for Iranian-Turkish trader accused of laundering money for Erdogan and breaking Iranian sanctions in a Preet Bharara case. Rudy also predicted somethings about "something big coming" related to Clinton emails live on TV before it happened.
    Rex Tillerson received Order of Friendship from Russia. He has toasted Champagne with Putin while Putin was under sanctions. He was warned by officials not to go to a St. Petersburg meeting to trade with sanctioned Russian nation. He's trying to get a waiver for Russia-arctic deal worth $500B. He's met with Putin by ditching his press pool.
    Paul Manafort, campaign manager of Trump during general election. Was suddenly fired after his Russian-ties and oligarch ties started becoming front page news. Yet he still continued and served as an unofficial capacity inside Trump tower. Kellyanne even refused to take some credit for the DJT victory in an interview because in reality, Paul Manafort was still the boss who gets the credit.
    Michael Cohen, lawyer for campaign, traveled to Europe during the elections, where it is believed he met with Russians. He denied it of course. But why did he lie on TV about never having been to Czech Republic? He later confessed on twitter he had been there before but "in the distant past".
    Rand Paul goes golfing with Trump after putting up a faux-fight over healthcare. He also defends Trump from Russia accusations.
    Mercer, the billionaire that owns 51% of Breitbart, supports Rand Paul, Ted Cruz (Trump accused his father of being involved with JFK's death and yet Ted Cruz is still supportive of Trump today strangely), Mike Lee, and Donald trump. Mercer was angry at Ted for refusing to support Trump during conventions (guess Ted felt underappreciated). Mike Lee is associated with Utah's Jon Huntsman, who became Amb. to Russia last month. Strange. All of these guys were heavily promoting anti-NSA propaganda by Russian spy Ed Snow (which served as a tool for Russian propaganda and a Russian defense minister even confessed he worked for Russia).

You can't just call everything here "one big coincidence" unless you are braindead.

    The Steele Russia dossier has been corroborated and line items have been confirmed by agencies and journalists looking into it. Not one thing has been unequivocally proven false.

(for those who don't understand why I mention Erdogan/Turks... Erdogan since the 2016 coup, has been good friends with Putin, which some places claim was because Putin saved Erdogan's life during the coup. They've been quite friendly ever since which is bizarre.)

EDIT: Can you believe my list is so long and I forgot Paul Manafort the campaign manager and Putin's agent who helped Yanukovich, the Russian puppet in Ukraine?

EDIT2: Woops forgot Michael Cohen too. I keep forgetting things and the list keeps growing, what's going on here.

EDIT3: Hah, someone reminded me of how I didn't mention DJT's own "great relationship with Putin" and his Beauty Pagent in 2013, and going to Russia several times.

EDIT4: Wow did you see that? The russians deleted 2-3 of their own 200+upvote comments, just to bury my comment reply. Haha. Wow Russians, you real good at your jobs bro. Good job bro. Respect.

Feel free to copy-paste this list anywhere. Even re-doing it as a thread on twitter or other sites.

And yes, Pro-Russian commenters did try to bury this post. It was linked to "best of reddit" and several Pro-Russian commenters ganged up on it there as well.
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