Author Topic: Tennessee: "let's kill a teen and then make her family pay for it"  (Read 53 times)

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Note that the title is slightly exaggerated. What actually happened is that a teen crashed her car and died when impacting with a guard rail and now her family is billed for the replacement.

...But there are more things that are wrong with this. You see, the rail isn't safe. It doesn't work on speeds over 60mph and the bit of road where the accident happened has a speed limit of 70mph. And the railings of that type used to work until the company that made them changed the blueprints to make the product cheaper, a change that also made them more dangerous (you know, the opposite of what they are supposed to do.)

...There are so many things that are wrong with this.
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Re: Tennessee: "let's kill a teen and then make her family pay for it"
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Hey, we've got to pay for those tax cuts for the rich somehow!
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