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I can't really summarize this. It's...complicated.

Make sure to read the comments, too. If you can handle it, of course.

WARNING: Don't read if you're having a bad day. Seriously, this is very depressing stuff.

EDIT: Okay, here's an excerpt:

Until 3 and a half, almost 4, years ago I'd never heard of "patriarchy". I wasn't homeschooled, and no one in my immediate circle of friends, peers, and associates had a homeschooling background. I'd barely heard Gothard's name in passing over the years (usually not in complimentary fashion) and I knew nothing of him or what he taught. I only knew that he was generally considered somewhat religiously goofy. His name meant nothing to me. I'd never heard of Vision Forum at all, nor of any of it's associated royalty. I wasn't aware of the quiverfull movement. Sure, I knew some people had large families, and I'd seen the commercials advertising the Duggar's show, but their show didn't interest me. I simply saw them as reckless and unfair to their children. I knew nothing of the "why" behind their large family (and it wouldn't have changed my opinion). I'd heard of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" years ago, and thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard of. Still do. I thought even LESS of it when I found out the young age of its author. The handful of instances where someone I knew would mention it and praise it in some fashion were met with this from me: "That's just silly. Are you such a horndog that you can't control yourself and do right by the person you're dating?" I didn't feel anyone who needed such a legalistic set of guidelines for a relationship should even be in a relationship at all. I still don't. I pretty much dismissed it as "Christian" legalistic psycho-babble and tomfoolery, disappointed that the Harris guy was getting rich off of the conscious decisions of so many young Christians to willingly be stupid and let someone else think for them.

To sum up that loooong paragraph, while I knew there were some things that would be "different" about my ex, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

To best sum up my overall experience with her family, I needed a perpetual cartoon bubble (you know, those word bubbles over your head?). That's "perpetual". Stuck there with crazy glue. All the time. It needed to say, "What the...?!"
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Re: "The Joke Was On Me", A Series of Blog Posts By Lewis Wells
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2012, 08:16:57 pm »
If you can't summarize it, at least quote us an excerpt.
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Re: "The Joke Was On Me", A Series of Blog Posts By Lewis Wells
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It's the author, who is a member of the Christian Left, telling about his brief relationship with a girl who was a victim of a Patriarchal family. It's very long- 16 posts and it's still unfinished. Basically the dad interfered constantly, then made the daughter feel horribly guilty when she tried to assert some level of independence.

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Re: "The Joke Was On Me", A Series of Blog Posts By Lewis Wells
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I just read Part 1 and....DAMN.

And I thought I walked on eggshells around my dad too much as an adult.
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