Author Topic: "Question Evolution" hypocrisy about academic freedom and "true science"  (Read 5375 times)

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Oy have you not figured out the level of fundie troll we get here or are you poking him for fun?

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Oy have you not figured out the level of fundie troll we get here or are you poking him for fun?

I mostly want to see what he says.
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Here's another huge difference between science and religion.  Show scientists evidence that birds existed before fish or that Antartica was once a mountainous grassland and they'll most like be salivating, discussing, studying, and having sciencegasms at the thought.

Show a fundy a recently-found text of the Bible that mentions that Jesus was a woman and you'll have a holy war.

Hell, look at all the noise created from the De Vinci Code, even after Dan Brown admitted he made it up! 

Science is willing to change and learn; religion isn't.
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Well, that does sound like a nice fantasy. In practise though, if you have a theory that goes against the older theories expect an instant backlash. Especially if you try to refute something that was said by a famous scientist who has fans.

In fact, since every new theory becomes accepted only after surviving a barrage of counterclaims and people doing their best to find a flaw the scientist are very good at defending the old theories. When some young whippersnapper brings up a new theory or some evidence that could prove that their life work has been based on false premise the older scientist will fight back with tooth and claw.

Wasn't there in fact some old scientist who said that he kind of wanted to die soon, because he knew that no one will try to refute his theories as long as he lives, because he was so well respected?
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Aww, you guys rock. :)  I feel the love... and the pitchforks and torches.  Tingly!

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This thread is getting much too serious.
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