Author Topic: To Ex-Believers: Did you ever have dreams/nightmares when you were a Christian?  (Read 3229 times)

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My family was never really religious, but I did sometimes say prayers before bed when I was in middle school. Those scared the hell out of me, mostly because of the "if I should die before I wake" portion. Sometimes I'd go to bed fearing that tonight would be the night.
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Growing up in the hellfire and brimstone flavor of fundie religion gave me nasty nightmares. I was convinced I'd be forced to take the mark of the beast when I was five, that'll do you in the nightmare department.

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I grew up in a pretty strongly religious household, but I don't remember ever having any kind of religious themed dream. I think it was because I was not brought up fearing hell, or believing that god was in intricate all consuming part of my life. While that all consuming aspect is what my mom now believes, at the time I think things were lighter and as a result religion to me didn't really mean anything other than waking up early to go to Sunday school.

I find it interesting that I didn't have any dreams because for as long as I can remember, I have had vivid dreams almost every night most of which I can remember (to the point where I actually have trouble remembering what was real and what was just a dream). I never really thought about it before though. It makes me thinking that I was never really a true believer, or at the very least that god and religion never carried any emotional weight.

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I can't remember any religious nightmares myself off hand, but I did have an ex who was from a really religious family and I remember she once had a nightmare that the earth like opened up beneath her and these shadowy tentacles spewed from the crater and started dragging her down into hell.
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I was terrified of the rapture when I was a kid. Because my mom would talk about how the dead would rise from their graves. You don't discuss that in front of your nine year old.