Author Topic: Anti-choice Shittery That Came To My College  (Read 530 times)

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Anti-choice Shittery That Came To My College
« on: January 24, 2014, 08:50:28 am »
So, some anti-choice dipshit posted this at my school: A poster claiming that "the 'Pro-life' movement is under attack in Texas" (good fucking riddance if that's true) yet if you come to this event over - of all cities, but it's the capitol too - Austin this January 25th and 26th, you can stomp your boots on the ground to show what a true, chauvinistic as fuck Texan you are, standing against "those feminazi baby killers". I refuse to see anything going on there that isn't a bunch of strawman and ad hominem attacks on Wendy Davis and other progressive, pro-choice and feminist Texans. I should have taken a photograph before, but it pissed me off so much I ended up removing it from the poster board, tearing it in two and crumpling it.

Here it is (in a rather undignified - if it even had signs of dignity - state) :

Okay, and I decided to respond in retaliation with this, quoting the late and great George Carlin:

I wonder how long it will remain on the poster board until someone considers it "provocative", that I would tie 'pro-lifers' as misogynists - as if a sign to attend some anti-choice rally wasn't provocative enough. Of course, I didn't see that poster board when I left and I have been in class the rest of my time so I'm not sure if anyone really made a reaction.

There are surprisingly not a lot of groups of people I hate (not just dislike), but I really, really hate the anti-choice movement. I hate them to a point of being a Berserk Button (which was slammed on when I saw that post). It does not help when they are dominant in my home state and when some woman and other people decides that enough is enough they go into this persecution complex. I have every right to despise anyone who is like that.
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Re: Anti-choice Shittery That Came To My College
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2014, 10:46:03 am »
I admit, I got a good laugh out of the word "Shittery"

the 'Pro-life' movement is under attack in Texas

Yeah seriously, I fail to see a problem here.