Author Topic: Indonesia arrests an atheist for Facebook posting  (Read 6878 times)

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Re: Indonesia arrests an atheist for Facebook posting
« Reply #30 on: February 08, 2012, 01:17:04 am »
Hey, I'm not an atheist.
Doesn't matter. Its absolutely imperative you never reveal your true self on the public areas of this board. Because its still possible that by association with this board you could stilll be entrapped. Alexander Aan was arrested for blasphemy, not necessarily for being an atheist.

That said, where in Indonesia do you live? I'm in the dirty Malaysian capital of KL.

Edit: And the obligatory calls for his death, which underlines my point about discretion.

To answer the question, Indonesia's capital.

Have you considered getting a proxy? Tor is a decent proxy that is also free.

There's also JAP (also known as JonDo) which is FireFox-only but extremely secure, and comes with a number of features built in to maximize security. And I think there's a way to help people in internet-censored countries (like China) get around their nation's firewall with that thing. It's a great tool.
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