Author Topic: Another person reveals what HIS morals would be like without god belief!  (Read 1289 times)

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Well, a religious sociopathic nutbar reveals himself again.

I don't won't to quote it, this article pisses me off.

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Jesus Christ, it's like if The Last House on the Left was directed by Pat Robertson!

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This guy certainly is peculiar, ain't he?

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I swear these "I'd be a complete monster without GAWD" people fucking masturbate to their delusions of atheism.
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The only thing you need to create a system of morality is a clear definition of what that even is. Without a definition of what is good and what is evil, even a deity could not claim to know.
"If it's white or Jewish then they're criminals, if it's two brown people killing each other ... meh, that's their culture and we should respect it ... cultural relativists should be ashamed of themselves." - Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

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I'm a sociopath and I do just fine without the divine forcing me to be nice or face eternal damnation.

Well okay I say mean things some times, but is that really that bad in comparison to some of the things people do WITH God in mind? Lynching gays and transsexuals, kidnapping, virgin bride orders, purity galas...
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If you need the threat of torture in order to behave like a good person, you're not a good person.
History is full of maniacs, my friend, men and women of intelect, highly perceptive individuals, who's brilliant minds know neither restraint nor taboo. Such notions are the devils we must slay for the edification of pony-kind. Even if said edification means violating the rules of decency, society, and rightousness itself.
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Well, we all say they are psychos, and they certainly paint that picture themselves, but the truth is they have the same moral barriers that we have. Sure they might fantasize about doing incredibly graphic and horrible things to another person, but those remain fantasies regardless of if they have god or not.
The real thing stopping them is fear of society and their own societal ingrained morals. They could become an atheist overnight and still not go on a rampage because they are honestly scared of prison and the police and of actually hurting others.
Of course they dont see it that way. Us humans are very good at lying to ourselves and covering our actions with made up explanations. It is very hard for us to actually be honest and accept our primal ape selves.

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I wonder if wingnuts are in an ongoing contest to see who can say the craziest thing?