Author Topic: Not-Good Things People Say on the Internet  (Read 59873 times)

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Re: Not-Good Things People Say on the Internet
« Reply #1095 on: January 14, 2018, 05:09:47 am »

Translation: Junes Lokka a city councilor in Oulu and a "immigration critical" politician complains that the police have stopped investigating the "getting pushed into a car" incident. He then called the police and told "the retard" that if the police don't care about it then he will handle it with his own crew. He then says that he is making a video where he promises a bounty for anyone who kills those "Antifa-scums."

So... We have a Finnish politician who is inciting violence and trying to recruit vigilanties by offering a bounty on people's heads. Also, the "incident" that he refers to is him trying to incite a fight at a protest and getting shoved. He did get shoved, but he didn't fall onto a road and even if he had, that road was empty at the time.

EDIT: Here's the video of the incident that he made.

(On the Russian Facebook-copy of course.)

He refers to the people on the video with titles such as "fat whore" and "nigger." On the video he is only talking about a reward for "information" but the comment on the screencap uses the word "kill money" which refers to bounty that a person gets for killing a destructive animal.
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Re: Not-Good Things People Say on the Internet
« Reply #1096 on: January 15, 2018, 10:10:03 pm »
Oh look, another Jewey show trying to normalize anti-white narratives.

If anyone has the faintest idea how Bob's Burgers is anti-white, I'm honestly curious.