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Oh snap, she's writing fanfiction


That's right, y'all, I have an AO3 account!

And there is inter-species hetero porn, for those who are into that.  Even if it doesn't look inter-species.

I mean, I can deal with inter-species, but heterosexual?

too far

Next she'll say that it's (click to show/hide)consensual. *shudder*

Art Vandelay:
I agree. It's absolutely disgusting, and you, L, should be ashamed with yourself.

Look, I've been reading Sailor Moon/DBZ crossover porn in which the senshi are, more often than not, either coerced or lulled into complacency by powerful Saiyan pheromones (the author even jokingly refers to them as "tail roofies" in some fics).

Do you want to read about Nappa violating Sailor Senshi?  Is that what you fuckers want?  Because I could start writing that instead.


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