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Just Along For The Ride:
Hi all!

On Vman's suggestion, I'm here to post the story I've been writing. If I've put this in the wrong place, please feel free to move it (not that I could demand otherwise, but you know what I mean). I'll definitely come back to the forums to talk in other areas, but just for now, I'm doing a chapter dump here.

So, starting from the beginning...


Chapter 1

Josh zoned back in, re-focusing on his homework.

He looked around, discomfited despite his usual baseline feelings of rage and resentment. Something was wrong, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Everything looked normal enough - the hard shadows his desk light threw against the off-white walls, the mess of cola cans and potato chip packets on his desk top, the smell of old laundry and the stuffy air of a teenager's bedroom, the half-written algebra on the paper in front of him (nope, it hadn't magically done itself while he'd been doing the thousand-yard stare. Life wasn't fair - why did he have to do this bullshit? What were teachers doing these days, if their students couldn't just rattle out the answers in their homework assignments without thinking about it?! What use was algebra, anyway? None, that was what!).

Maybe he felt sick and hadn't clocked it yet. Hmm... nope, he wasn't nauseus. He wasn't horny either, which was weird. If there was one thing about homework, it was that it was so boring it usually made him think about more interesting stuff: tits and pussy. When he thought about that, though, his mind usually tainted the experience by reminding him of his incel status and the monumental unfairness between the sexes. Women had it easy. They never had to go without sex, and men clamoured over them like idiots.

Josh snorted his derision at them all and went to stand up. He would go and get himself another can of soda and by the time he got back he would probably-

Right. He deffo felt weird. Lighter and... there was something on his chest. Had his hoodie gathered up or something? He looked down.

He bleated and scrambled backwards, tripping over his chair and thudding down onto the floor in a painful heap. Barely registering the pain, he wrenched himself up into a sitting position and pulled off his hoodie and tshirt.

Two fleshy, soft, *big* breasts hung from his chest. These were not saggy, hairy, fatty pecs like man-boobs, but round, smooth, squishy, and filled with some kind of soft but lumpy filling inside. The nipples were far bigger and more developed than his own.

Then Josh realised that they were his, attached to his body, and that he wouldn't be able to get rid of them. His horror dawned as he realised more than that: he wouldn't be able to hide them. He hunched forward as he imagined going to school, which he would have to, at some point. They would be so obvious! God knew, he was well aware of how guys felt about titties. Would the other guys like what they saw (and how could Josh live with himself if they did?)? Would they care that the tits were on a guy? Would they like the tits but hate the fact that they were on Josh and beat him up for making them stare at a guy?

How could he hide these? They were too big!

And then he wondered something else. If he had grown tits, then what had happened to his dick? Struck with sudden horror that everything might have started to shrink (he was already ashamed at the tiny size of his genitals. He'd seen porn movies and accidentally seen a dick or two, so he knew what the girls expected), he unbuttoned his jeans to check. His already pumping heart thudded harder as he registered that his jeans didn't feel as filled as they usually did.

Not filled at all, in fact. Josh was almost in tears when he peeled down his tightie-whities.

Oh god, he thought. There was nothing there.

Or, that wasn't quite true: there was something, but it definitely wasn't penis or scrotum-shaped. There were pale fleshy folds, and darker ones.

If he had been horny, he might have explored further, but as he wasn't, his mind exploded in several different directions. It was a strange experience that unnerved Josh even as he did his thinking. Somehow he was able to flick at lightning-speed between several thoughts, including: 'But I haven't figured out how to hide my tits yet, I still need to figure that out' and 'Was my bulge obvious enough that people noticed?' and 'I'll never have an awkward boner again. Fuck, I'll never get a boner again!' and 'Is mom going to notice?' and 'What happens with me and the girls at school now?' and 'Jesus, I'm a girl! Not just any girl either, I'm a fucking roastie!'

The weird thing was, Josh - as a guy - had been a virgin. This was obviously the body of a slut, because everything was already blown out. He was just trying to figure out what he thought about that when a new thought occured to him.

Which girl was he, now? One of the bitches in his class? He got up and headed for the mirror on the outer door of his closet.

He recognised the face that looked back at him, no question, but it wasn't the face of any girl he had ever seen. It was his own, feminized. The hair wasn't any longer and was still a dark mess that somehow managed to be both lanky and to stick up everywhere, but the sideburns he'd been slowly growing were gone. His jawline wasn't as defined; although he'd never thought of it as chiselled, it was all the less-defined now, hidden under a thin layer of fat.

In Josh's estimation, he was plain. Just as he'd been a 3/10 as a guy, he was an ugly bitch too.

Just Along For The Ride:
Chapter 2

Josh sat up for a few hours that night, wondering how he was going to get himself out of this mess.

Could he zone out, or go to sleep, and wake up as a guy again? Was this all a bad dream, or a hallucination? He was tired so he'd try that eventually, but he was more worried about being attacked, and that kept him wide awake, at least for now.

If Josh went to school tomorrow, people would surely recognise that he was just female!Josh. They'd lust after his new body and... and then would they rape him? He didn't want that! He didn't want some guy doing that! Or maybe they'd decide he was a freak and smash him to a pulp, for being a weird gender-bender.

He didn't want to get beat up either. God damnit, it wasn't his fault! None of this mess was his fault!

Could he just stay indoors for the rest of his life and never be seen again by anyone? No - he lived with his mom. She'd see him sometime, and then the shit would hit the fan. He could live house-bound anyway, and she could support him... couldn't he?

He thought about it more as he sat on the edge of his bed, clinging the edge of the mattress and staring at the carpet. His mom would want him to get a job within a couple of years - fuck, she was already harrassing him about that these past few weeks - or to find a nice man to marry (he shuddered at the idea. He wasn't gay! And even if he was a girl now, he was still a guy at heart. He never wanted to go anywhere near a guy's gross dick!) He racked and racked his brains, trying to figure out a way that he could make being house-bound work, without his heartless mom shoving him out the front door to cope by himself.

There was only one way to make it happen: he had to get his mom onside. In the end, though, he was loath to do that and decided to leave the house in the morning.

He would take the train to the neighbouring town and hang around the mall. It was anonymous, he could get a taste of what it was like to go outside as a chick, and what was more, it was something he could do on his own. He wouldn't depend on anybody over this. Because he couldn't trust anybody.

Soon after, he got tired enough to curl up and go to sleep.


Josh hadn't changed back by the time he woke up.

He slipped out early the next day, without his mom seeing him, and emerged out into the cool suburban morning. As he set off towards the train station, he became very aware of some other aspects of his new body. He was shorter, so his jeans bunched against his sneakers. His jeans also fit weirdly, not just in the crotch, but they were now tight around his hips. It felt like there was too much fabric on the legs, and overall the fit just felt... yuck.

His tits jiggled, and he noticed that every time they bounced, they hurt a little. It wasn't terrible pain or anything, but a thousand steps - and bounces - were going to get annoying. His tshirt also tented off his tits. He'd noticed that before he'd left his bedroom, and it had kinda pissed him off - it made him look fatter, or like his tits were really saggy. He might have hated them, but he didn't want to look any uglier than he had to.

It wouldn't matter, though. It wasn't like he was trying to get anyone's attention. If he was an ugly bitch then that would keep the attention away. Or some of it, anyway. At least no Chad would bother with him.

Josh approached the station booth and pulled out a handful of coins before he got there to make sure he had the right money.

The ticket vendor was a wrinkled old guy with thick glasses, and he smiled at Josh, as if just seeing Josh had brightened his day.

Josh stood awkwardly, waiting for some comment from the guy, before saying, "Return ticket to-"

He cleared his throat and his eyes bugged out in horror. His voice was so high! He hadn't thought of this! Oh god, the humiliation! It was like being a kid all over again!

The ticket vendor kept smiling patiently. "Yes, sweetie?"

Don't call me sweetie! Raged Josh inwardly, but gulped down the indignation and embarrassment, and repeated his request in a quiet mumble: "Return ticket to Rochwick, please."

Perhaps the old man noticed Josh's glare, because his smile faded a little, and he turned his attention to his cash float. He dropped the coins in their respective spaces, tapped the journey into the ticket machine, and handed Josh his ticket. "Have a nice journey," said the old man, a little tentatively.

Josh grunted at him, and then shuffled through to the platform.

Just Along For The Ride:
Chapter 3

The train rattled along, and as Josh had chosen to huddle against the wall, it jostled him as it went. The vibrating movement lulled him a little and, during the ten-minute journey, his mind drifted.

He'd always considered women beneath him. His superior size, God-given strength, and smarter brain all conspired to seal his place, and by extension, their fate as inferior beings on the natural pecking order. Furthermore, women were heartless, following only their base instincts and showing no sign of higher thought. They were like insects: vicious at heart but ultimately insignificant.

He wouldn't remain a woman for long! It was intolerable to be kicked down the pecking order like this; like he'd been dunked in diarrhea. He was tainted. He would wait it out for as long as it took to return to his natural state. It would happen.

It had to. Life couldn't be that cruel!

His mind was just beginning to slip into the realisation that now he *was* one of the vile creatures, even if only for a short while (and therefore, what did he want to do while he was so cursed? He obviously wasn't going to try and fuck a Chad, or a beta, so what did that leave him to do?) when out of nowhere, he began to feel horny.

It wasn't like getting horny as a guy. It wasn't a buried-beneath-an-avalanche kind of feeling, all pressure and anger and urgency, where he found himself looking around for a bitch to fuck. It was weaker, for a start, and it felt more... internal, somehow.

He couldn't figure out where it had come from. There was nobody around who could have teased him into this state. Nobody - definitely not a Chad - had walked past. Aside from an old couple at the other end of the carriage who he could just barely see from his semi-slumped position, he was alone in the carriage.

Then, as he sat up a little straighter and pressed his lower back against the seat, he recognised that it was the train's rattling that was setting it off. It vibrated his lower belly deliciously. Josh became very still as he paid attention to the feeling. He'd never given it much thought, what it was like for girls, but to feel horny without pressure was weird. The feeling pulsed freely out, like heat coming out from the sun, rather than becoming pressurised and needing to be released.

That was weird.

Josh didn't get any more time to wonder about that because then, the train pulled into the town centre station. He got up and left the carriage, and the cool air hit him as he stepped outdoors. He stood still and tried to regain the sensation, but it had completely disappeared.

He faltered, regretting that the feeling had gone, and left the station.

Josh kept his eyes on the ground as he walked along, determined not to encourage any guys into taking an interest in him. As he got nearer to the mall and he found himself among more people, he put his hands in his pockets out of habit. It closed him in on himself more, which made him feel a tiny bit better.

He went into the mall, treading on the fake-marble tiles and passing by the familiar stores. Normally he would have got a burger and hung about on the mall seats, or gone into the gaming store, but it was too early to eat and he figured he'd get recognised in the store. It didn't leave him very much to do, and he began to regret coming.

This was a place for femoids: the number of female clothing stores was unreal. Did the shallow creatures buy or think about nothing else?

He reluctantly shuffled to a stop outside one of the detestable stores. What *was* he supposed to do? He wasn't going to go inside, that was for sure! From this safe distance, he glared disparagingly at the closest offerings: a rack of tight yellow skirts, black tops with big flowers on, studded grey jeans...

A store assistant caught him looking and smiled at him.

He scowled and pretended to gag. Femoids had never actually made him nauseus but he'd taught himself to gag when he saw them, when he particularly wanted to get the message across. The assistant's smile dropped and she looked searchingly at him for a second, and then Josh stormed off.

Fucking Stacey.

He decided to get out of the femoid-centric mall and out into the streets instead. He strode fast to get out of there and, once he got outside, walked on to the park so that he could sit on a bench for a while.

He found an empty bench in the shade of a tree and plonked down onto it, sitting forward, his head in his hands. "Fuck!" he groaned. "Fucking, shitting, FUCK!" Almost crying at the unfairness of it, he stayed in that position a while, blinding himself with the palms of his hands, cramped up so that breathing was hard, his heartbeat light, fast and agitated.

Eventually one of the normies walking by stopped. He sensed them but didn't move. "Are you all right?" asked a female voice.

He wouldn't look up. He wouldn't! "Headache," he lied to get rid of her.

She put something heavy on the bench next to him - her handbag, he assumed - and rooted around in it. "Do you want a paracetomol?"

The question caught Josh off-guard. He lifted his head. "What?" Then he remembered himself and gave her an angry look. "No!"

Their eyes met. She was Asian, maybe Indian, with long black hair, very smooth skin and big, startled eyes. She flinched back, and paused. "Never mind," she said sheepishly. Then she picked up her bag an walked off.

He stared at her back as she walked out of the park, looking back at him once with a worried expression, and then went out of sight. Then he folded his arms, brought his feet up onto the bench, and stared across the small park at the traffic beyond the railings.

What a bitch!

...Offering him medicine like that.

Shitty and weird of her....

What was she pretending to be nice for? What was the reason? What had she wanted from him?

It didn't make sense. Females didn't make sense.

Normally he would have felt angry at a female's behaviour, but this one was just too plain confusing for him to work out. It was obviously a heinous move of some kind, but he couldn't figure it out.

After several minutes of trying to figure out how she could have fucked him over by giving him a pain killer, he was no closer to an answer. He just felt empty.

He got up to wander around aimlessly while he figured out what to do next. What if he went to the Apple store? Femoids had no place there, so Josh knew he wouldn't be welcome, even if the betas and Chads who worked there pretended to welcome them when they intruded on that most sacred of male, technological spaces.

What if he went to a guy's clothing store? It would be full of Chads. He didn't want to go anywhere near those assholes.

He half-decided to go to the stationary store instead, because at least it wasn't too much of a Stacey or a Chad place. It would probably be full of landwhales and betacucks, but it was slightly better than the alternative.


Looking forward to more :D

--- Quote from: Just Along For The Ride on July 19, 2017, 02:04:00 pm ---If I've put this in the wrong place, please feel free to move it (not that I could demand otherwise, but you know what I mean). I'll definitely come back to the forums to talk in other areas, but just for now, I'm doing a chapter dump here.
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I think that the Creative Outlets section is what you're looking for:

Just Along For The Ride:
Sure thing. Want me to re-post the whole thing over there, or... what would you like me to do? Are you able to move the thread over to that forum?


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