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Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Use

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Lana Reverse:

I wonder if Toronto will become the new Amsterdam.

Does that mean that hipsters from USA will take over it and rename it to New York like they did to the previous New Amsterdam?



The really egregious part of this whole thing is how some provinces are treating it.

For instance, Quebec and Manitoba want to ban home growing, even though the federal government says you can have four plants at home. (Unclear who's got jurisdiction here--it may be that there will be no criminal penalties for growing up to four at home, but provinces may be able to enact further restrictions through their s. 92 powers.)

And Ontario and Quebec both (last I checked) decided that the model various US states used, of having private businesses sell pot while the government collects tax revenues (like Colorado, where they ended up with more tax money than they knew what to do with), wasn't for them and gave themselves nice government monopolies instead.

I can only imagine what might happen if prostitution is ever fully legalized (y'know, like it should be anyway). Will some provinces decide that we have to go to government brothels?

HA.  Okay, the idea of state-run bordellos is just too hilarious to pass up.  This must become a thing.


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