Author Topic: JW leader urging to destroy evidence of child molestation in organization  (Read 59 times)

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TL;DR Jehowas Witnesses have been known to cover up child molesters over the years but recently some of them have been arrested. In response to changing times and more arrests in the future, JW leader in charge of their records (including the evidence) is urging the members to destroy all records because "Satan is coming" to destroy the organization.

Slightly longer version: JWs like many religious organizations want to handle member violations internally. JWs do so and in many cases they give some slap on the hands punishment and then declare that the issue is over and must never be revealed to outsiders. This includes child molesters. Now that "Me Too" movement has brought light to several sexual assaults and harassment (not to mention that otherwise as well victims have started talking over the last few years in Finland and other countries where JWs operate) it has affected JWs as well and recently New York demanded that they release the evidence they have on 800 separate child molesters... Obviously the organization blames the devil. Not for molesting the kids, but for bringing light to it.
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I've been watching a fair deal of stuff about that organization of late, so this comes as no surprise to me.

The real danger is that if they're chucked in prison for destroying evidence, it'll give the leaders of the religion a way to indoctrinate the members even deeper, because it'd be more "proof" that "Satan's world is against us".
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