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Last Movie You Watched?

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A friend and I watched The Ring for New Years. Pretty good, though the ending was a cheap way to add the sequel.

Anyway, what's the last masterpiece (or garbage) you saw?

Kill List. It sucked, beyond comprehension

Osama bin Bambi:
The Tree of Life.

It's the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen, but some moments it seemed to go off on a tangent. My mom and I were joking throughout the whole thing that you'd have to be stoned to really understand it. Some moments it seemed like the creators were begging for someone to ask them what the hell it all meant.

Stick Boy:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Pretty much a remake of the Swedish version which was excellent.  I guess kinda pointless, but it'll make a lot more money here in the US since there's no sub-titles and it's at the major theaters.  If you haven't seen the original, it's well worth the money.  If you've seen the original, but like David Fincher, by all means see it.  It is a very dark and brutal movie and not for everyone.....

chad sexington:
I watched Frenzy last night.  Fantastic movie  :)

Then a bit of Enter the Dragon - turned it on just in time to see Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris to a pulp  ;D


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