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Last Movie You Watched?

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Endgame was definitely a movie where things happened. Great things. Powerful things. Things that made me feel other things.

Would watch again and again.

Saw the Sonic movie.

I'd give it a solid B. It's no masterpiece, but I thought it was fun and well-made. Wouldn't mind if it got a sequel.

Just Mercy (afaik its now out of theatres actually) but I'd recommend picking up the DVD whenever it comes out. It was a really moving film about the true story of the Equal Justice Initiative which was headed by Lawyer Bryan Stevenson to save people who were put on death row.

That being said my next one will probably be lighter affair, I do wanna go see Sanic.

I watched Brian Yuzna's Society (1989).

That's gonna stick in my brain for a while. Love this guy and Screaming Mad George.


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