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Captain Jack Harkness:
Okay, so as far as I can tell, this forum doesn't have this mechanism.  However, I've seen some double posts just to quote many people around so if it's even feasibly to make or implement easily, I think it should.

On another forum I go to, there's this feature called "Multiquote."  This feature allows you to click a little button on the top right of each post and instead of immediately going to post, prepares that post for a quote.  You then proceed to select the other posts you want to quote and when you've got every post you want, you hit quote and a reply box appears with all of the posts you've selected in their respective quote tags, in the order that you selected them when Multiquoting.  So basically it queues up a few posts for you and then slaps them into a reply.

I'd help with developing one myself, but I'm not as familiar with the inner working of forum code/databases as I'd like to be.  Beyond that, I really can't focus on extraneous work because of my class schedule.

Shane for Wax:
You know you can hit the quote button for each post you want to quote and those quotes will appear in the quick reply box? If you need posts on a previous page you can just hit quote and copy+paste into the quick-reply then hit quote again for the ones on the current page. Because I don't think multiquote works across multiple pages. It hasn't every time I've used it.

The way of doing it on the old forums was a lot harder since the quoted material was taken to a totally new page rather than a quick reply box.

N. De Plume:

--- Quote from: Shane for Wax on January 19, 2012, 10:04:27 pm ---Because I don't think multiquote works across multiple pages. It hasn't every time I've used it.
--- End quote ---
Quick reply quotes are not true multiquote in that sense.

vBulletin has a Multiquote feature that spreads across multiple pages. So it is not a technical impossibility. It is just a matter of implementation. Which could be a big deal here, unless there is already an approved multiquote extension for Simple Machines.

Shane for Wax:
Yeah, I imagine it's possible but the module hasn't been toggled. Keiro will have more information. Or Nap. I'll leave it to them. Until then... well, the quick reply thing will have to do. lol

Keiro Dreamwalker:
There isn't such a module for SMF. And what there is, has to be hacked to be updated to the new version of SMF.

I'm still working on this.


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