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I would have added this to the general video game thread, but if several people post their gamertags, it might be hard to find them.  So, separate post!

Steam ID: The_L1985
I finally got TF2, so maybe this weekend I can blow things up with people?

I have a PS3!  the_l_rox

I don't have a 360, but if I ever play with my bro, I'm lauracat.

If enough people are interested, I'll post my Wii number, but given the dearth of good Nintendo WFC-compatible games, I don't see the point in posting it otherwise.

Shane for Wax:
xbox 360: HouseMDfan
3DS 'friend code': 1891-1677-6846
steam: shaneforwax

Steam ID:

Xbox Live: fieldafar
Steam: fieldafar

360. My game history is private but titles I play online are Minecraft, AC:Revelations, NHL 11, UFC 2010 Undisputed and NFS Hot Pursuit. Alternatively if you have a Pinball FX2 wizard score you want to bump up, adding me will do that too. :D


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