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Please discuss things related to the FQA YouTube project in this thread. That includes volunteering for filming, editing, research, etc. or discussions of how exactly this will happen. My experience on the matter being nearly nil, I'll let more experienced users hash out the details.

Well, we could try to form alliances with like minded vloggers. I know a few people with smallish channels that would probably want to be a part of this project.

I'm willing to make graphics for videos, if anyone needs them.

I still say we should have rage reviews (think Nostalgia Critic) on fundamentalist videos that are posted up on youtube. Something funny, straight up, no bullshit.

Art Vandelay:
As I said, I'd be willing to run the channel, assuming Sigma wants one less thing to take care off. If not, I can help with writing, fact checking and maybe video editing assuming it's nothing too complex.

As for what we should do, I say just start small and mirror upload the podcast for now. Maybe then work on a separate Youtube once we've found our feet with that.


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