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For those times when it's not so much bad what they say, just insane or stupid...

I originally found this when the same guy made a rebuttal to a review of Atlas shrugged. (which in itself is a rather impressive whargargarble mainly explaining that Europeans can't understand the genious of Ayn Rand because of soccer, communism and the fact that they do something other than work for fun.)

"Overman warrior" someone thinks of themselves highly.

--- Quote ---By the time I got to high school I was so disenfranchised with the education system that I didn’t want to engage in any battle that the school would benefit from.  I hated the coaches and most of the members of the team, so I stayed away even though it was a game I was naturally inclined to.  Once I got away from my school days I found I enjoyed the game increasingly over the years and found it to be unique to America in many ways that are positive.  In football the receiver can get behind the defensive backs if they are faster.  The only off-sides there is goes against the defense.  They cannot jump across the line until the offense led by the quarterback starts their play.  This is the essence of the difference between soccer and football.  In soccer off-sides favors the defense, in American football it favors the offense. In America the offense metaphorically speaking is of capitalism, industry, banking, invention, the defense is regulation, government, and political resistance.  The intention is to beat those elements to score a goal.  That is why Americans don’t typically cheer in football until yards are gained or a score is obtained.  In soccer they cheer collectively during the entire match.  In football it is typically when an achievement is obtained—this is a big difference.
--- End quote ---

Is there anyone else in the world who thinks that American hand-egg game is a metaphor for companies fighting against government regulation?

Even Then:
In hindsight, I regret naming the thread the way I did. I thought the original was too vague, but now I see that was pointless of me.

Also, ice hockey is totally a metaphor for heterophobia. See, the sticks represent penises and the goals represent vaginas, and the goalie is an oppressor of straights and

What about Ringette? Females pegging men is a bit too obvious for a game where women with sticks fight over a circle that they all want to poke.

How about football/soccer? The whole game is about kicking and otherwise abusing a ball. Not all that subtle a reference to subjugating and feminizing men.

Of course soccer is feminazification:

It's all about making men less aggressive and more feminine. They pretend to get injured for attention and in the hopes that the judges take pity on them. The corruption and bribery in FIFA is probably a metaphor for women taking all the hard earned money men make with their alimony and child support.


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