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Worst of Social Justice III

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Chaos Undivided:

Because getting a transplant is exactly the same as killing people to make a woman suit. TERFs are garbage.

Art Vandelay:
"Nobody gets to have a uterus but me, because sexism is bad." Sure, a perfectly coherent and justified thread of logic.

Are TERFs even SJW?

They embody the concept of the horseshoe effect - swing far enough to the left, and you start sounding a lot like the right wing guys you claim to despise.

I'd also like to submit to this thread the wonderful people who decided Brad Jones, the Cinema Snob, was not moving away from Channel Awesome fast enough. So they started threatening not only him, but his loved ones, grandmother, and associates. "Because you won't leave that toxic shithole, we'll be EVEN MORE TOXIC! Social Justice Justifies the Means!"

They may have also solidified Brad's decision to stay on at Channel Awesome, by and large out of spite toward the vile shits that threatened to pour acid on him and kill his family. And I don't blame him. What he saw of #ChangeTheChannel was less a benevolent social movement sticking up for the abused and more a bunch of violent dickholes who decided the fucking Daily Stormer's methods needed to be adopted.

Yeah and then his mom decided to throw Allison under a bus and welp!  There goes that friendship.q


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