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Worst of Social Justice III

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Chaos Undivided:
Speaking of the horseshoe effect:

--- Quote ---That is actually my main issue with Into the Spiderverse. Why does Miles have to be crushing on a white blonde? He’s black Latine. His eventual love interest couldn’t be another black Latine or someone else of color?
--- End quote ---

"Whites and blacks shouldn't mix!" - Klansman

"What he said." - Tumblrina

Yeah - for a deal of people like this, they think they can and should control who dates who.

You see that with Chloe Bennett and people saying when she and Logan Paul were together she was "betraying" her progressive fans by not dating someone they approved of. Because apparently the fans get to decide who you date.

There's similar reports over in Asia that if a celeb or idol dates someone the fans don't like, they get insanely violent.


--- Quote from: Askold on January 10, 2019, 01:42:35 am ---Are TERFs even SJW?

--- End quote ---

They are on pretty much every issue that isn't trans people. They justify a lot of horrid shit they do with the banners of Feminism and Social Justice. And they try to say they are the only feminists because trans women and our allies are "MRAs".

TERFs are literally just SJW but openly and happily espousing vitriolic transphobia instead of being condescending to trans people and forcing us to be a monolith.


This person is literally insane.

She calls any female rappers "fake women", says heterosexual women are "oppressive", is in the "ALL HETERO SEX IS RAPE" camp / claims that "every yes means no", and clings to the whole "kin" thing.

Whelp, time to go tell Sleeps that I'm a rapist.  BRB


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