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Blizzard doing Chinese censorship



TL;DR Hearthstone player from Hong Kong spoke positively of the protests and as a result Blizzard took away their prize money, banned them from the Hearthstone league and from the entire game.

It's not even the first time they do whatever it takes to stay on the good side of China. Previously they have forced league players from Taiwan to play under the Chinese Taipei flag and refuse any acknowledgement of Taiwanese independence.

This is ridiculous. Even before you take in the bit where Hearthstone casters tried to hide under a table because the pro-Hong Kong message came as a surprise to them and they couldn't hold their laughter. ...And were fired for it.

Congress isn't happy either:

Most of it is BS but the "Chinese Taipei" bit is a longstanding aspect of international law, pursuant to the Nagoya Resolution.

That's how they participate in organizations like the WHO, for example.


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