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Title: What is fascism?
Post by: ryu238 on February 13, 2022, 02:29:47 pm
I think it's, ethnic/racial superiority, an imagined and elaborate golden age that must be returned to by violence and purging, a world of total hierarchy, and an obsession with corrupting influences that ruin the purity and superiority of those who rightfully should guide the entire world.
Title: Re: What is fascism?
Post by: Tolpuddle Martyr on February 14, 2022, 09:49:52 am
My two cents would be it's an elite led, reactionary movement against modernity. By "elite" I don't mean the best at anything, I'm talking about class. Not that you get entire social classes of fascists but it does arise when enough people feel threatened from below because of a changing world and fear minorities, the poor, LGBTQI etc and fear their place in the world being usurped. It doesn't matter if it's happening or not. The fear of it happening is what drives fascism.