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Osama bin Bambi:
So, do some of you guys watch anime? I admit I'm kind of picky about mine, but then again I don't get to sample everything out there. My favorite anime of all time is Black Lagoon, and possibly whatever the fuck this is:

I haven't watched that much, but I love Cowboy Bebop.

Osama bin Bambi:
Cowboy Bebop is one anime I want to watch when I get the chance. I've read some of the manga, but I don't follow it as well.

As much anime as I have seen, I have not seen Cowboy Beebop.  It's not particularly high on my list of priorities, either.  :P

Napoleon the Clown:
Bebop is regarded as among the best anime series of all time. If you have yet to do so, watch it. Samurai Champloo is by the same director and quite good, too.

Oh, and Miyazaki's works. Awesome.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is excellent as well.


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