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And I have discovered Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

There is fanservice.  There are adorable dragon-girls.  There is more fanservice.  And Fafnir is just precious. :3

Kobayashi: "So how do you like the outfit I bought you?"
Tomoe: "It's pretty, but it's kinda tight in the chest."
K: "What size are you, anyway?"
T: "D!  For dragon!"
K: "...I'm pretty sure that's not how it works."


So I just finished catching up on Vinland Saga. As in, the manga. Holy shit this series is fantastic. Using vikings to tell a story about the virtues of pacifism and the futility and horrors of war is absolutely brilliant.

ironbite: you don't wanna talk about Interspeices Reviewers and how someone at Funimation needs to be fired for trying to pick that up?

That is an incredibly stupid situation. My standing theory is that the show was a rider with something FUNimation actually wanted and they just figured they'd try to make what they could out of it before ultimately deciding to cut their losses.

Interspecies reviewers is awesome and canceling that show is as much of a crime as was canceling Cosby Mysteries.

...Well, apart from the whole "turns out that Bill Cosby is a racist" thingy. AFAIK the Interspecies reviewers was just a silly porny show.


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