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Shane for Wax:

--- Quote from: Wykked Wytch on January 04, 2012, 08:49:23 pm ---
--- Quote from: Shane for Wax on January 04, 2012, 12:13:14 pm ---I suppose someone decided the swastika is the religious symbol of Nazi Mysticism? :S

But oh my gosh those cartoons are a hoot and a half.

Edited to add- Oh goodness, it's hosted on I haven't seen those chaps in a while when it comes to this sort of thing.

--- End quote ---

Isn't it illegal to show a swastika on German television?

--- End quote ---

No. Not really. It is illegal to show it in a 'positive light' but if you show that it's educational than no. Many games and documentaries have gotten the educational exception for the swastika. Not to mention you can also have it plastered on a book cover if you like.  However, I don't mean animated cartoons. likewise is not stationed in Germany.

I would like to see how someone in Germany is able to surf to a site like as I am not knowledgeable in that part of things. I only know of the movies, shows and video games.

And the Swastika isn't even magically linked to Nazi Mysticism. They used a completely different symbol for that. So I'm a little puzzled over replacing it with the 'life rune' which admittedly is used in Nazi Mysticism.

I apologize if I misunderstood the question tho.

Osama bin Bambi:

Cool story bro

Do... do you really need me to remind you why drugs need to be tested and approved?

@ First comic of previous post

Panel 1: Understandable, as long as he's not telling his friends to go kick <insert minority here>'s asses for being <insert minority here>

Panel 2: As long as he keeps it in the bedroom and doesn't try to impose it on other people, that's fine.

Panel 3: Oh dear.

Osama bin Bambi:

Juna Starrider:
Last time I checked,  the US really didn't force you to get treated for health care...

This may have worked in Canada...or some pinko European country


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