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If Nazi's took over America, who would protect a jew?


Dennis Prager often asks himself this question.  If there was a holocaust in America who would help a Jew like him and who would not.  But he's studied the science on the matter and found a conclusion that might surprise you.  One factor is an alturistic personality, another is eccentrics who care less about social conformaty.  This leads to the obvious conclusion:

--- Quote ---When I observe Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and, for that matter, the citizens of most countries at this time, this observation about who would risk their lives to hide a Jew leaves me pessimistic with regard to how any of these groups would act under a Nazi or communist regime.

We have seen herdlike behavior and an unquestioning obedience to authority that few expected to witness in previously free countries such as the English-speaking ones. Worse, we have seen unquestioning obedience to irrational authority.

Wearing masks outdoors is irrational. Yet a vast number of Americans have, sheeplike, obeyed irrational government demands to wear them. Telling people who have had COVID-19 to take a vaccine against COVID-19, when natural antibodies are longer lasting and more effective, not to mention safer, than a vaccine is irrational. Telling people who have been vaccinated or had COVID-19 to wear masks is irrational. Prolonged lockdowns of healthy people are irrational.

Yet tens of millions of Americans are unquestioningly obeying irrational orders and castigating those resisting or even questioning them.

It was “eccentric” Christian pastors who kept their churches open and an “eccentric” Catholic priest who sued the state of California for denying him his constitutional right to minister to his flock — and who prevailed against the state. Except for these clergymen and a handful of eccentric restaurant owners, almost all other Americans obeyed the state’s irrational orders.

That is frightening because people who obey irrational orders and despise those who do not are precisely the type of people who didn’t hide Jews.
--- End quote ---

That's right folks.  It's anti maskers.  People who won't wear a piece of cloth over their face to stop a plague are the heros who would save the victims of genocide.

I don't know about you but I can see some holes in his theory.

The only good thing to come out of Dennis Prager and PragerU are a slew of high-quality YouTube Poops.


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