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Chats with Sharon
« on: November 30, 2021, 09:06:35 pm »
Hi Sharon (at home),

I've started this thread so you can chat with the less or non-religious members of the forum.

With these sort of discussions, I think it is always beneficial to know where people are coming from, so I will set out my belief position.

I am an atheist - that is in I don't believe in god, gods or the supernatural. I used to be more hostile to religion as a whole but I take the view these days that both certain religious institutions and people gain benefits from religion and ritual. However, I consider that belief in god itself results in less understanding, 'God did it' effectively is the answer of the lowest explicatory value and ends any further inquiry. I am very happy for people to believe whatever they want to believe so long as they don't seek to impose their views on others.  I might laugh at you though if your views are silly...

So in the spirit of ecumenical (faith) discussion what do you consider is the benefit of your belief to yourself or others?