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Any examples of Conservative Cancel Culture?


Here's one:

Considering how conservatives love hiding behind free speech, they were being hypocritical here:

Remember back in 2003 when Natalie Maines denounced the impending invasion of Iraq and said she was ashamed that George W. Bush was President of the United States?

Remember how you didn't hear anything about (as they were then known) The Dixie Chicks for years afterward?

Conservative cancel culture.

the recent "groomer" fearmongering campaign, banning CRT in the classrooms, MTG just the other day said she called the police about Jimmy Kimmel making a joke about Will Smith slapping her, they pick apart anything Obama did that was basically cancel culture, remember the beige suit incident? Tucker ranting about M&Ms not being sexy enough, all of those guys on twitter who say they're "done watching sports" any time a sports star says they support BLM, the lavender scare, the red scare/mccarthyism, etc.

"Freedom Fries."

Some of the shenanigans post-9/11. 1980's Satanic Panic...

Feral Dog:
My favorite more recent 'cancel culture' incidents tend to revolve around things along the lines of "pastor horrified to realize his congregation thinks he's a liberal commie infiltrator for reading the Sermon On the Mount and are trying to chase him out of the church".


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