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The criminal element hates a one world governance; that makes me for it. You?


Gnostic Christian:
The criminal element hates a one world governance; that makes me for it.  You?

Given my old criminal mind and delinquent attitude; I know that if I was my old self, I would hate the notion of a one world government.

Such a bank would prevent me from talking advantage of the white economy.

Fair taxation makes my criminal wallet lose twofold. I lose my gain and now must pay and play fair. Bummer.

Given my reform and apotheosis, I feel it is my duty to tell all my fellow white economy taxpayers, we all pay taxes, and it is foolish not to have a fair system.

Leaving unfair advantage to the black market does not seem like a good idea. Right?

I think I would vote for a One World Government, just to get the One World Bank.

If your government preaches against a One World Government, they are voting with the criminals who hate the idea.

Economically speaking; given that single source banking governance is easy, --- I think that moving a huge economic advantage from the black market to our white market, --- is a good idea.

I estimate that we all get a 30% raise in pay.

I am bought off. You?


Another drive by stream of unconsciousness to which you will not grace us with any answers to your obviousy nutbaggery.

Seriously bro, is this what gets your hard?  Driving by, taking a shit on an empty forum, them leaving?

Ironbite-get better fetishes.

Tolpuddle Martyr:

Put it down!


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