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My challenge to all fundamentalist Christians

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Sounds like a good way to get arrested.

Necrotic Neophyte:
I doubt they'd actually attempt anything like that. More than likely they'd spend four hours telling you how you've completely misinterpreted the above passage.

N. De Plume:
Hey, unlike the whole “Thou shalt not test God” thing, this one actually calls out drinking poison as a sign to others.

That is a good verse to challenge them on. Oh, and if they do try "don't test the Lord," well, you're just being like Doubting Thomas who, after getting verification, was still okay (though I've often heard he got a lesser position in heaven, but it was still in heaven).

Not that I actually expect any fundie to poison themselves to prove a point to a stranger on the internet, but don't we have a rule against telling people to commit suicide?


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