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People are becoming "debaptized" and no longer want to be part of the church. RRians decide this is okay as long as you're leaving the Catholic, but if you're leaving Christianity, it's sad!

Gingrich's ex-wife is supposedly lying and being paid to give the false interview. And the ones who believe she's telling the truth are complaining that liberals are never called out for this. Of course, the difference is that liberals aren't trying to ban gay marriage while cheating on their spouses.!

What Romney pays in taxes is no one's business, eh? What if it was Obama?

I bet it gets more hilarious as the year goes on.

Wait - FSTDT isn't already a RR-bashing site?  ;D

Osama bin Bambi:

--- Quote ---But the answer to your initial question - why don't most Jews today believe - because it's God's plan that the majority not believe - so the message would be spread to the Gentiles and around the world - and only after the full allotment of the Gentiles come in will the Jewish people (who have been made spiritually blind to the issue) as a nation come to acknowledge Jesus as Lord - See Romans 11 as well as Isaiah and Zecheriah.
--- End quote ---

Can an ex-fundie translate this from Christianese for me?

Well... I looked up Romans 11 and the lead-in in Romans 10. Apparently a bunch of Israelites were not converting to Jesus (what a surprise) so the Author goes "WTF God" and he says that he's set aside a number of people who will listen.

One problem: This looks like it was written for the Hebrews at the time. It doesn't appear to be saying that's how it would always be.

And I'm not reading through two entire Books to find the other quotes the fundy's referring to. If s/he would point out specific passages I'd be glad to check it out too.

EDIT: Okay, apparently, there are some passages later in the chapter suggesting that apparently, God made the Jews not recognize Jesus on purpose, so that... the Christians... can be saved. And then later... the Jews will be saved too... and God makes people disobedient so he can... forgive them.

Oh, that's right. PAUL WROTE ROMANS. That explains all of it.

Paul was a dick.


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