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Thousands of Catholic baptisms declared invalid in Arizona



A priest in Arizona said "We baptize you" instead of "I baptize you" during baptisms in a parish in Arizona, and as a result all such baptisms have been declared invalid, which also invalidates subsequent sacraments.

Setting aside that I personally think this should really wake these people up to how fake the whole charade is, I also feel bad for them since they lost something deeply meaningful through no fault of their own.

Of course, Dpareja.

Of course many, many Hispanic Catholics would be willing to discard a paramount part of their identity.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
They're odd things baptismal certificates, I have one. My mum gave it to me on my birthday in a photo with a bunch of old, cringy photos. I've always found it weird that they try to psuedo-officially count you as one of their number before you can talk but then, most folks get their religion from dping what their parents did as opposed to making any sort of informed choice .


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