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Sorority (Radiation) WTC's Photoshop Experiments and Art.


So now that we got this new forum, I'm going to repost the pics that I did and put them here.

The following three images are before and after pics of photos that I manipulated. I'm still learning some new techniques and styles so not all of them are going to be perfect. I just try to find random photos on Google to fix up and play around with. I would like to get some stock photos but you usually have to pay to get them so I just try to find what I can.

This first one is of me:

Then there are these two:

I also did a "makeover" of my mom, I think there is some flaws there but I did the best that I could and this was a challenging exercise.

This is David Hahn, known as the Radioactive Boyscout. He was known for making a working, although rudimentary nuclear reactor in his back yard using common household items. This is a mug shot from 2006 or 2007 when he was caught trying to shoplift a huge amount of smoke detectors.


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