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I'm wondering if anyone here does any type of needlework?? I enjoy sewing and cross-stitch.

Cerim Treascair:
I used to cross-stitch.  Wasn't bad at it either.  Nowadays, I prefer to knit.  Apparently, I have a knack for it.

... I miss knitting.

Shane for Wax:

I have nothing helpful to contribute other than I have some nice needlework wolf pictures that make me happy.

I've done some minor embroidery in some old quilting projects, but nothing lately.

Been working on doll clothes, though. :3  I'll need to get more materials, but once I've finished a few more projects, they WILL get posted.

I wish I could sew because I would make my own clothes instead of buying them. Also I would be able to tailor them if they are too long.


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