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"Pedophilia, the goal of the alt-left all along"

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The hardcore looney right really seems to trot this one out a lot lately.  Here it is being discussed on Lady Checkmate's "news" page:

I submitted it on FSTDT but stuff is taking ages to be approved lately so I thought I'd mention it here.  Don't bother trying to join the discussion there, Checkmate won't let you in (but I did create a place to talk about it here: - I called out the two people on Lady C's channel who made the claim and asked them to back it up).

I only have one question - who?  Who is it on the left who wants to see pedophilia legalized?

I think it's projection - the right wing has always been guilty of whatever it is they accuse the left of being; see Milo Yiannopolous, 8chan, incels, Roosh...I could go on, really.

Roy Moore...

I know I've always wanted to bang a bunch of kids!

Ironbite-can they project harder?

I know it doesn't make any sense to ask "what are they talking about" when they are a bunch of fundie lunatics, but when they all independently seem to arrive at the same bizarre conclusion, that there are these LEGIONS of people on the left who just want to get pedophilia legalized, I have to ask what I have missed.


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